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  1. Mrunicorn54, A Goofy Movie was one of my all time favorites as a child, thanks for reminding me how great it was with your avatar.
  2. Although the newer method of editing the plist allows for save game hacks to apps that we have access to cracked IPA's, there are many save game hacks that do not include a cracked IPA with the save game. I would propose asking people to include a cracked IPA in the save game hack download (perhaps even bake the save into the cracked IPA). Otherwise, can anyone help identify a solution to the iBackupBot -1 error that people are experiencing? I havent seen a solution that works yet! Cheers!
  3. Thinking this may be dead, but if @0xS14T3R is still digging a bit, here are a couple ida strings i would love him to look into: __cstring:007DFB32 aQuantitytoupgr DCB "QuantityToUpgrade",0 __cstring:007DFB32 ; DATA XREF: sub_113104+6A4↑o __cstring:007DFB32 ; sub_113104+6AE↑o __cstring:007DFB44 aUpgradecost DCB "UpgradeCost",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_113104+64A↑o __cstring:007DFB44 ; sub_113104+654↑o __cstring:007DFA12 aShotvalidatedT DCB "shotvalidated.txt",0 __cstring:007DFA12 ; DATA XREF: sub_108818+3AC↑o __cstring:007DFA12 ; sub_108818+3B4↑o __cstring:007E11CA aShotvalidTxt DCB "shotvalid.txt",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_118B1A+356↑o __cstring:007E11CA ; sub_118B1A+35C↑o ... (Perhaps part of cheat detection?) __cstring:007DFC78 aCostsoftcurren DCB "CostSoftCurrency",0 __cstring:007DFC78 ; DATA XREF: sub_113CEA+A6↑o __cstring:007DFC78 ; sub_113CEA+B2↑o __cstring:007DFC89 aCosthardcurren DCB "CostHardCurrency",0 __cstring:007DFC89 ; DATA XREF: sub_113CEA+C2↑o __cstring:007DFC89 ; sub_113CEA+CE↑o Guessing hard currency is cash and soft currency is gems, perhaps able to mod soft? __cstring:007DFDDC aGoldenshotfree DCB "GoldenShotFree",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_114EDC+1D8↑o __cstring:007DFDDC ; sub_114EDC+1DE↑o ... Maybe ability to add unlimited free golden shot? __cstring:007E1B48 aBox DCB "Box",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+2A↑o __cstring:007E1B48 ; sub_11FE08+30↑o ... __cstring:007E1B4C aPricehard DCB "PriceHard",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+F4↑o __cstring:007E1B4C ; sub_11FE08+FE↑o __cstring:007E1B56 aPricesoft DCB "PriceSoft",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+10E↑o __cstring:007E1B56 ; sub_11FE08+118↑o __cstring:007E1B60 aRandomclubs DCB "RandomClubs",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+128↑o __cstring:007E1B60 ; sub_11FE08+132↑o __cstring:007E1B6C aRareclubs DCB "RareClubs",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+142↑o __cstring:007E1B6C ; sub_11FE08+14C↑o __cstring:007E1B76 aEpicclubs DCB "EpicClubs",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+15C↑o __cstring:007E1B76 ; sub_11FE08+166↑o __cstring:007E1B80 aSoftcurrencyre DCB "SoftCurrencyRewardMinInclusive",0 __cstring:007E1B80 ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+176↑o __cstring:007E1B80 ; sub_11FE08+180↑o __cstring:007E1B9F aGuaranteedball DCB "GuaranteedBallTypeId",0 __cstring:007E1B9F ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+8E↑o __cstring:007E1B9F ; sub_11FE08+9E↑o __cstring:007E1BB4 aGuaranteedball_0 DCB "GuaranteedBallQuantity",0 __cstring:007E1BB4 ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+96↑o __cstring:007E1BB4 ; sub_11FE08+A0↑o __cstring:007E1BCB aUnlocktimeseco DCB "UnlockTimeSeconds",0 __cstring:007E1BCB ; DATA XREF: sub_11FE08+264↑o __cstring:007E1BCB ; sub_11FE08+26C↑o Chest info, im wondering if the percent multiplier from league can be modified? or making only epic clubs come from chests? Store Card Purchases? __cstring:007E1C86 aStorecardpurch DCB "StoreCardPurchasePrice",0 __cstring:007E1C86 ; DATA XREF: sub_120BC0:loc_120E22↑o __cstring:007E1C86 ; sub_120BC0+268↑o ... __cstring:007E1C9D aCommon DCB "Common",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_120BC0+2EA↑o __cstring:007E1C9D ; sub_120BC0+2F0↑o ... __cstring:007E1CA4 aNewcommon DCB "NewCommon",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_120BC0+308↑o __cstring:007E1CA4 ; sub_120BC0+310↑o __cstring:007E1CAE aRare DCB "Rare",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_120BC0+322↑o __cstring:007E1CAE ; sub_120BC0+32C↑o __cstring:007E1CB3 aNewrare DCB "NewRare",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_120BC0+33C↑o __cstring:007E1CB3 ; sub_120BC0+346↑o __cstring:007E1CBB aEpic DCB "Epic",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_120BC0+2C4↑o __cstring:007E1CBB ; sub_120BC0+2D4↑o __cstring:007E1CC0 aNewepic DCB "NewEpic",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_120BC0+2CC↑o __cstring:007E1CC0 ; sub_120BC0+2D6↑o A whole string on matchmaking? Looks like the "replays" that playdemic says dont exist have a name, ghosts, which if you go on a bad enough losing streak, you get one! __cstring:007E200E aPayerPayerLeve DCB "payer;payer level 1;",0 __cstring:007E200E ; DATA XREF: sub_129174+80↑o __cstring:007E200E ; sub_129174+8A↑o __cstring:007E2023 aPayerPayerLeve_0 DCB "payer;payer level 2;",0 __cstring:007E2023 ; DATA XREF: sub_129174+AE↑o __cstring:007E2023 ; sub_129174+B8↑o __cstring:007E2038 aPayerPayerLeve_1 DCB "payer;payer level 3;",0 __cstring:007E2038 ; DATA XREF: sub_129174+CA↑o __cstring:007E2038 ; sub_129174+D4↑o __cstring:007E204D aPayerPayerLeve_2 DCB "payer;payer level 4;",0 __cstring:007E204D ; DATA XREF: sub_129174+E4↑o __cstring:007E204D ; sub_129174+EE↑o __cstring:007E2062 aPayerPayerLeve_3 DCB "payer;payer level 5;",0 __cstring:007E2062 ; DATA XREF: sub_129174+FA↑o __cstring:007E2062 ; sub_129174+104↑o __cstring:007E2077 aSpentI DCB "spent %i;",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_129174+10C↑o __cstring:007E2077 ; sub_129174+118↑o __cstring:007E2081 aDatafromclient DCB "DataFromClient",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+1A8↑o __cstring:007E2081 ; sub_129350+1AE↑o ... __cstring:007E2090 aSequence DCB "Sequence",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350:loc_1295A6↑o __cstring:007E2090 ; sub_129350+25C↑o ... __cstring:007E2099 aSwitchingToTcp DCB "switching to TCP, matching best",0 __cstring:007E2099 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+D84↑o __cstring:007E2099 ; sub_129350+D8A↑o ... __cstring:007E20B9 aTierIPlayerlev DCB "tier,%i,playerLevel,%i,ghostcreationmodeon,%i",0 __cstring:007E20B9 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+992↑o __cstring:007E20B9 ; sub_129350+99C↑o __cstring:007E20E7 aDebugMatchingL DCB "DEBUG - matching level",0 __cstring:007E20E7 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+9D8↑o __cstring:007E20E7 ; sub_129350+9E0↑o ... __cstring:007E20FE aTierIPrivateI DCB "tier,%i,private,%i",0 __cstring:007E20FE ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+ADE↑o __cstring:007E20FE ; sub_129350+AE4↑o ... __cstring:007E2111 aTierIPrivateIE DCB "tier,%i,private,%i,excludeholeids,%s",0 __cstring:007E2111 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+10C2↑o __cstring:007E2111 ; sub_129350+10CC↑o __cstring:007E2136 aTierITournamen DCB "tier,%i,tournamentid,%i,tournamentindex,%i,forceholeid,%i",0 __cstring:007E2136 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+F64↑o __cstring:007E2136 ; sub_129350+F70↑o ... __cstring:007E2170 aTierIPlayerlev_0 DCB "tier,%i,playerLevel,%i,FTUEStage,%i",0 __cstring:007E2170 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+1156↑o __cstring:007E2170 ; sub_129350+115C↑o ... __cstring:007E2194 aUserGets20Inst DCB "User gets <20 insta-bad ghost",0 __cstring:007E2194 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+12B2↑o __cstring:007E2194 ; sub_129350+12B8↑o ... __cstring:007E21B2 aUserGets50Lose DCB "User gets <50 lose streak insta-bad ghost",0 __cstring:007E21B2 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+135A↑o __cstring:007E21B2 ; sub_129350+1360↑o ... __cstring:007E21DC aTierIPlayerlev_1 DCB "tier,%i,playerLevel,%i",0 __cstring:007E21DC ; DATA XREF: sub_129350:loc_12A1C6↑o __cstring:007E21DC ; sub_129350+E7C↑o ... __cstring:007E21F3 aSwitchingToTcp_0 DCB "switching to TCP, normal",0 __cstring:007E21F3 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+C7A↑o __cstring:007E21F3 ; sub_129350+C80↑o ... __cstring:007E220C aSwitchingToTcp_1 DCB "switching to TCP on rejoin",0 __cstring:007E220C ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+D14↑o __cstring:007E220C ; sub_129350+D1A↑o ... __cstring:007E2227 aDebugMatchingT DCB "DEBUG - matching tournament holes",0 __cstring:007E2227 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+F9E↑o __cstring:007E2227 ; sub_129350+FA6↑o ... __cstring:007E2249 aDebugMatchingL_0 DCB "DEBUG - matching level -1",0 __cstring:007E2249 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+1128↑o __cstring:007E2249 ; sub_129350+1130↑o __cstring:007E2263 aDebugMatchingL_1 DCB "DEBUG - matching level +1",0 __cstring:007E2263 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+1272↑o __cstring:007E2263 ; sub_129350+127A↑o __cstring:007E227D aTierIPlayerlev_2 DCB "tier,%i,playerLevel,%i,excludeholeids,%i",0 __cstring:007E227D ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+12F4↑o __cstring:007E227D ; sub_129350+12FE↑o __cstring:007E22A6 aDebugCreatingO DCB "DEBUG - creating own room",0 __cstring:007E22A6 ; DATA XREF: sub_129350+132C↑o __cstring:007E22A6 ; sub_129350+1334↑o League info here? __cstring:007E2A98 aLeagues DCB "Leagues",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_12F398:loc_13022C↑o __cstring:007E2A98 ; sub_12F398+E9A↑o ... __cstring:007E2AA0 aInterval DCB "Interval",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_12F398:loc_1302CA↑o __cstring:007E2AA0 ; sub_12F398+F38↑o ... __cstring:007E2AA9 aDivisionid DCB "DivisionId",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_12F398+F54↑o __cstring:007E2AA9 ; sub_12F398+F5C↑o ... __cstring:007E2AB4 aIndex DCB "Index",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_12F398+F78↑o __cstring:007E2AB4 ; sub_12F398+F82↑o ... Anyone else interested in these potential additions?
  4. Name of the game you want hacked: Idle Miner Tycoon Version of the game: 1.39.2 iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/idle-miner-tycoon/id1116645064?mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Neither Requested Features: Does anyone mind Raticrac'ing this for me? I want to practice editing some variables in this and need a cracked app first! Thank you!
  5. Thank you, this was really informative on understanding how to read hex code, especially appreciate your differentiating reverse correct and incorrect. Thanks!
  6. Thank you, so impressed by all the content on this site!
  7. Wow, thank you! Been using the demo, this is great!
  8. I have been trying to help in adding this in, but I am total newb to anything outside of game guardian, I know the values to search and change, but don't know the best way to translate them to @MRS14T3R to add them into the hack, any guidance is appreciated! There are so many elements to this game not server sided, every ball has 5 ability slots, every club has 3 ability slots, the abilities themselves can be modified, such as making power I from 1.03% to 1.5%, or adding sidespin 1 from .33 to 1, for full sidespin. And of course, all of the ball guides can be changed to a value of 5. I also believe the chest timers could potentially be hacked, but not 100% sure there!
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