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  1. Help/Support Jailbreak help.

    its most likely you've killed your jailbroken state fastest way is to test with something that only works with a jailbroken device ifb/tweak but youll probably have to restore but this is the only thing ive seen that could help
  2. Help/Support Hack for me

    whats the right command to setup the remote debugserver in putty? every commands not working
  3. Help/Support Hack for me

    thanks had lldb but the tut said gnu so figured there was a reason, it always looks so easy in the vids I will go back to lldb cheers mate. btw do you know of a good tweak to show whats using system resources? lately my pads been randomly behaving like something hogging everything just unlocking it can be sluggish
  4. Help/Support IDA live command HELP Plz

    I was told to get rid of gdb/gnu as it wasn't working and out dated to use debugserver instead Ive downloaded it followed its instructions to ecract it to usr/bin but when I type the command into putty it says debugserver ip:port debugserver-300.2 for armv7. Listening to port for a connection from ip... Failed to get connection from a remote gdb process. Exiting what am I doing wrong? ive checked google/youtube (always do before asking anything) but it says use that command Ive tried the remote commands but it says invalid host string or failed to get hand shake reply pls help some1
  5. Help/Support IOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Help

    see if this helps u
  6. Help/Support Hack for me

    Thanks i had read through somthing similar and looks useful very useful think that will help with a diff game thanks very much, but doesnt apply to what I need to get done on this game, Iam using gdb/gnu or trying to atm, im trying to use it for live debugging with ida but its saying command not found or segmentation fault
  7. Help/Support Hack for me

    the problem is I want to be able to change the local file cache contents without getting data errors so I need to find out how the app checks the files and disable it, I know its possible to do with ida
  8. Tutorial How to use IDA v7.0's iOS Live Debugger

    what am I doing wrong? when I type in the debugserver command it keeps saying command not found and while Iam here so I get it right, in ida debug setup do you select the ipa for application and for input file the binary
  9. Help/Support IOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Help

    is it def jailbroken still/again? fastest way to tell is with anything that only runs on a jb device installed download ifunbox and cydia.deb and reinstall it that way, it does work coz the 1st time I rejailbroke my ios 9.0.2 pad after a forced update I had similar issue with cydia
  10. Help/Support Hack for me

    thank you I will look into that aswell but its not so much that I'm having problems with ida the problems mostly lack of code function knowledge im currently having to google every function that seems like it may be related to what I'm trying to do and as it turns out it seems like ive been looking for totally the wrong thing. so really I need some one I could ask a few questions so I could atleast find out if im looking for the right thing the right way. Its been suggested using ida live should help me. thanks anyhone willing to chat/advise a little plz pm me I have looked again and found few useful things like thining I didn't know about but the type of hack I need to do needs ida and more knowledge about code functions, im trying to use ida live debugserver hopfully itll help when I get the command working! but thank you it has helped
  11. Tool IDA PRO v6.6 + v6.8 + v7.0 Full

    thanks ida 7 mediafire file corrupted all ida v7 links say file corrupted
  12. Help/Support Hack for me

    Ive rechecked the tut section still cant find anything more to help me and if I stare at IDApro anymore ill go crosseyed
  13. Help/Support Hack for me

    As no1 can/will help me hack my games myself, can anyone who knows how hack the binarys for me? please
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