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  1. Hi there @Rook its been a while. Thanks for this, i just lost my JB and couldn't get Unc0ver to download. Hope this helps
  2. I think they can't do this game. There not able to mod it i guess. Probably of the server side issue.
  3. @DanYal thanks for the giveaway and thanks for your work. Keep it up bro!
  4. @DanYal @DADi @Zahir @0xSUBZ3R0 @Laxus Hi guys, can someone tell if this is hackable? Thankss a lot.
  5. They used to work except those multipliers. I mean they do work, but not multiplying your actual attack but just fixed numbers. But im having a problem for a while. Maybe you know more. Im always stuck on loading screen at 100%. Dont know whats the issue.
  6. no im not a new user buddy. Been here for a while. Yeah i know about the coin hack few years back and i used it. Thats why i asked cause i saw a new person hacking it (you) and i had some other hacks of you that are pretty nice. From there the question. But the god mode is very good and does it all so no need for anything else. Also Im lucky, did not get banned yet for the coin hack. Didnt play the game anymore till last week lol. Thanks for the hack!
  7. Hi, can you add something more to the hack? Like extra coins etc? Thanks edit: not needed anymore lol. God mode does enough thanks
  8. @DADi @DanYal can you check this? Thanks a lot!
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