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  1. Man I don’t have a jailbroken device atm, I cannot do anything about it sadly.
  2. Well, there is no update yet my dude, and if there is one, the boss will do it in no time, so don’t worry.
  3. wait wait sorry lol, I kinda mixed sh!t up, aslr is different from anti debugging, you disable anti debugging which is most likely called syscall and some other functions close to it in certain situations, however aslr is kinda what you said, and that tool is quite old, it only works for armv7 binaries which isn't really around anymore. I cannot rlly go into details about either aslr or the anti debugging atm cuz i'm quite busy, hopefully someone will show up. also from what I've read from you, you aren't that experienced to be able to hack Blitz Brigade at least not yet, or at least that's what I got from how you don't know what to do to the address you get from iGameGod.
  4. it's not supposed to work on every game tho, for blitz brigade, I assume you need to patch aslr (anti-debugging) manually
  5. [Tool] LetMeDebug - bypass anti debugger - Tools - iOSGods
  6. well I'm glad you think so, but can you send me the android hack you are talking about in PM? because I don't play this game that much so I don't know what features you are asking for tbh
  7. it doesn't, I don't even know if this is gonna get u banned or not
  8. this is quite awesome, thanks a lot!! it has sh!t tons of courses which I haven't checked out yet but seem promising!
  9. Apple gift card cuz i barely buy stuff from amazon and also cuz i use apple iDevices
  10. I’m gonna use it to check out n learn some designing techniques
  11. Eyy it’s my b-day already, uh uh I’m getting old 👴🏼

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    2. Amuyea
    3. Nini


      @Tonii uh uh what was that i cannot hear u?? my b-day? ahhh, thanks a lot young man!

    4. Nini


      @Amuyea WHAT, only?...

    5. Amuyea


      You still young 😂

    6. Imloser


      Dear NINI,

      i have a request for you, can you please provide me the library and documents files for agent dash Non-Jail broken phone? currently i am using non-jailbroken phone and yes i saw one of your post about agent dash "Agent Dash all Versions JB/NOJB" but currently "This topic is now closed to further replies" so i cant have access to your post and can you please give me the save game link with these features: 

      Unlimited Diamonds

      Unlimited Microfilms

      Unlock All Characters

      Maximum Score

      No Ads 

      All boosters upgrade (MAX)

      hope to receive a positive response from you NINI!

      thank you so much in advance!

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