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  1. GG! 1K reputation 🥳

  2. Hi ! If you have Discord (If you don't have, you're probably a boomer ngl) You can join to vibes, sharing some music stuff, and more !



    1. Error.


      I don’t remember  asking 



      Same... Ngl bro...

  3. Yooo guys ! I just finished my new Ep "Stardust" ! 
    For every song bought, 75% will be donated to a charity. So if you want to supporting me and a charity, please buy my music. I don't care of money, I just want to see everyone happy and healthy. Thanks again, my new pop song "Echo" is out in 4 day's, so make sure to listening and buying, so everyone can be happy !

    - Doritos4ever 

    1. Max-Q


      :wub:Echo is so awesome. Listen it few times in a row. :shmoo:You doing great music buddy.



      Thank you so much ☺️ It means a lot for me buddy 🙏🙏

  4. Simon's says : Everyone donating to an association !



      (I donated 15$ to a mental health association from Canada)

      Please donating if you can 🙏

    2. bR34Kr


      Nice initiative!

  5. Mental Health is more important than you think. 

  6. Hi everyone  ! So I recently uploaded 2 songs, from my new EP "Stardust", so make sure to checkout ! Also he already has lyrics (Audio description) ! Enjoy and have a good summer !

    Echo (Music video)  (Pop/Trap)

  7. Yooo guys, I'm back, so humm I made recently a music bot for Discord, I know this is very basic but, I really want to get my bot verified, I need at least 100 peoples who added the bot in his server ! It's take 2min, make a new server, added the bot and enjoy the music ! The bot is only online in the day, the night is off (~9:00am to 20:00pm) because he is running on my pc, isn't hosted yet, if someone know how to hosted, please let me know ! Thanks guys !

    Bot Link

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 0xNoctis


      Just leave you're pc on while it runs 



      "Montréal, QC" (UTC−4)

    4. Hoesey


      Ok cool!

  8. "i've written a letter

    and addressed it to you."


    "i wonder if my words will say

    What I want to get through to you"


    "i'm too ashamed to try to confess,

    this burning love I suppress."


    "on the day that you awaken from your everlasting slumber

    will it make up for the sleepless nights that still go unnumbered

    as I drown in insomnia I'll obsess over the times

    that we were awake together until forever"


    "i'm waiting, i'll be waiting for your reply, till then I'll deny

    all the feelings that I feel so desperately for you

    but I wonder if you already knew?"


    "suspense in the air, somehow I feel you there

    though my eyes are closed, I think I know

    that you're looking right at me though I can't see

    but the pounding in my head makes it hard to breathe"


    "i wonder if you'll awaken from your everlasting slumber

    will I live every day wishing I couldn't suffer

    how will I tell you that I miss you so

    when I know that you'll never know"


    "how would it feel in an everlasting slumber

    will I forget the sleepless nights that remain unnumbered

    i'll wave away the truth as I lie next to you"

    "we'll be together until forever."




      Ok then? I should write some lyrics for Lil pump skirtttt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  9. He already have a noclip, 1 first attempt always & Disables jumps
  10. Profile Links  ;

    Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGSIya4lg-_PTuju9dEtJgw

    Apple Music : Doritos4ever

    Itunes : Doritos4ever 

    Pandora : Doritos4ever 

    Shazam : Doritos4ever 

    Amazon : Doritos4ever 

    Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/doritos4ever

    Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/4djzEQQ3Recn2X7lG42Bs6?si=PgboaWT0RciAxdSol-sBtQ


    Deezer : http://www.deezer.com/artist/95901802

    *All other account with my name are fake, isn't me, do not open links or files, I will NEVER asking for your password. DM me if you have questions or you only want to talk, Yes I still developing some stuff, I will supporting iosgod with my personal money. Have a good summer, go outside (well I stay inside because I'm making music but sometimes I go eating an ice cream with my family) go see your friends / Boyfriend / Girlfriend ! Enjoy  my music and the beautiful summer ! Stay safe <3

  11. Mommy, why I am on Google?

  12. "uncertainty is a state of being, where something either not know or not decided, when is unknown and not decided relative to a circumstance that cause us stress or pain"

    1. Cyborg101
    2. Hoesey


      I read this and now I’m anxious... I’m uncertain as to why..

  13. I feel good to leaked my new stuff: Nostalgia EPs

    (Hope you will liked, it will be available in 6d)

    1. Hoesey


      This is DOPE! 

    2. Hoesey


      I need to go to my car to hear this with bass! Lol

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