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  1. Hello. I'm not necessarily new but I'm just now introducing myself (to my knowledge).
  2. any good police games on mobile/console ?

  3. i personally think fortnite is overrated, it's just another 3ps shooter, maybe with a battle royale style but it's not unique anymore. i guess stw is the best part of it (save the world)
  4. I used to try jailbreaking old ipads but it never worked
  5. Steam Profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/DallsolsoSteelOcean/ Steam Level - 22 Main Games I Play - Hearts of Iron IV, Company of Heroes, Total War: EMPIRE Definitive Edition, and World of Warplanes
  6. Hello, I'm using the iOSGods app on my listed iDevice (iPhone Xr with iOS version 13.2.3) and downloaded the Civilization VI Hack. However, when I started the game and tried beginning a match, it just goes back to the home screen after loading. If this has already been solved I apologize, but I was looking forward to it. Thanks for the help.
  7. for physical copies I go to target/Walmart/gamestop, but for digital I usually just use my Xbox GamePass or GOLD to get free games. if I do make a purchase for digital, it's almost always on the xbox store.
  8. oh cool, if only I had my power cable for my old 360
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