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  1. I started jail breaking 15 months ago Or maybe a bit after I thought it would be fun I was excited. A newbie I knew nothing I knew no one, Similar to my life except sadly apps gave me a purpose, whatever I was doing during that time for better or worse I was still alive. I’ve spent so much money buying apps mainly off developers Who did not stay by their agreement for a certain amount of transfers of device etc Or just finding the wrong ones Selling bogus app stores for Sideloading threatening me if I chased refund through PayPal I would be banned from sites around the world f*** I’ve had enough I currently have a 10.2 iOS jail broken iPhone 6 which in the short time l have had Meaning days it’s made me ever so happy helped me to forget a lot of why I got into this and raised the nightmare issues I’ve had in the past sideloading celebration look at developers I maybe too emotional but it least $200 dollars has past my hands Just in donating to developers for the use of the apps and repos And for no other than a sign of appreciation I gave funds so many without even a thank you or acknowledgement, my 10.2 device is not well it Has an issue with the Earpeice speaker with no sound, And completely functioning everywhere else including sound connected to Bluetooth and a headphone Jack just not from the phone ear piece same in safe mode. Probably my final post over anybody could help resolve this issue for me so much appreciated thank you, goodbye x
  2. Is it at all possible to install anemone and winterboard please
  3. Thanks for that but i don't have Cydia
  4. Thanks but I'm having trouble installing even the Deb file of cydia eraser with Filza I think my brain is having a cydia eraser moment been trying for 40 hours. Now. Thanks again
  5. I just need to know I'm sitting half jail broken on ios10.3.1 is there anyway to reinstall my current iOS version without loosing my 10.3.1 thanks
  6. I have a major problem I have now half a jailbreak no cydia mterminal works to a point I can't install eraser filza works omg can someone help please
  7. Its only been a short time since I last commented regarding my jailbreak experience and I thought its was time to advance and I purchased an iPhone 6, to remove my safety net of a 10.3.3 restore with an iPhone 5 OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING !!!! My jailbreak has not lasted 2 days on my iPhone 6 I have installed a paid tweak and Ive lost cydia, all icons including settings and no way I'm aware to activate turn off my iPhone I do have a a backup on iTunes but without being able to turn off find my phone I'm a bit lost. Could somebody please help me to restore my jailbreak with funbox terminal. i don't know yet how to use it and i just don't want to stuff it up, everything i touch turns to,.., well, anyway please someone
  8. I've been jailbreaking for 12 months or a bit under I started with sideloading and became bored and frustrated with that. In the beginning Learning to jailbreak I have bootlooped an iphone7+, iPad Pro, an iphone7 so I decided to buy an iPhone 5 when Apple announced it was not going to be compatible with iOS 11 and allowed the iPhone 5 to retire at 10.3.3. With that iPhone 5 I have attempted 382 times to successfully install and maintain a working jail broken device. I have recently purchased an iPhone 6 and I'm two days without problems until now I think I have put way to much files in it Half of them I wouldn't know what they do and need help badly to remove a lot of the stuff and to learn how to use some of the programs. I'm genuinely asking for help as I can't do this again I will donate for your time and expertise, best regards
  9. Thankyou Mr admin.i Appreciate your confirmation that I may never see a jailbreak in my life time. 😠😩 it's torngat fault, harm should have been made clearer to older ios versions before making it public. Anyhow only my opinion, Let’s say I had a better love note from 🍎 that they forgot to sign and it's not as old as my current Version? Will that work..? Is there any hope, for this j/b craved obsessed novice
  10. I have progressed slowly through my experience of the tedious ability to be able to sideload I still haven’t got a clue about SSH Cydia or code Anything other than downloading apps really but my progression has led to stuffing up my chance to jailbreak I downloaded something for my phone that made it Non-responsive I had Little choice I believe other than to restore to factory settings I did this however I thought with a back up I would go back to my iOS 11 Apple had different plans I’m sitting on 11.2.1 and I am really pissed with that if anybody can guide me get back to 11. 0 or give me some guidance whether this is possible I will reward your time as I am pretty basic making computers moan. I would really like your help thanks
  11. You are frig’n awsome. You’ve just made my 12 hour night shift thank you, thank you, thank you.
  12. Barrel lite My understanding is its a Non j/b version of cydia's barrel theme. Requested Features:
  13. Which poster is that 😳😳 Merry Christmas everybody
  14. Is 3 apps the max on a site to download with cydia, if so is 7 days still current before reinstall, and if yes what’s the point or benefit to using cyd against just downloading them, sorry to sound stupid but I don’t seem to get it all and yet I do this 17 hours a day with my 8th attempt at keeping my apps i truly admire developers and those who can make a computer moan. Wish I was jb I find sideloading tedious Ps what does the green 🏆 do next to my name
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