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  1. I'm looking for another app thats free with a larger library with mangas like Web toon has. Would really appreciate some recommendations.
  2. Yeah sorry I noticed that earlier.
  3. So I did that and it seems to work fine and when I click to enable the game shuts down. I 777’ed the stick on the list and it still does the same thing. ( doing for DBZ Dokkan Mod)
  4. Do I have to change the sticky to 777?
  5. I have to add plist to make mods work is there a way to add multiple mods so I don’t have to keep changing the plist mod file every time I wanna switch games?
  6. I just jailbroke my new iPad on 11.0.3 I installed all the necessary tweaks needed and Filza. I downloaded PUBG and then downloaded the dell mod file. But when I load the game after the respiring I don’t get the iosgods notification/sign in. Anyone have an idea what could be wrong?
  7. They’re fixing a bug in the Mod. wait for them to sort it out. It’s happening to many people.
  8. @Sterling0x1 @DiDA @Mayaxaya 3.2.11 is out, could you update pretty please <3333
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