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Everything posted by absolut1on

  1. U where banned for reports.. Good luck 🙂.If you have the proof that u where banned for this i will remove this forever.
  2. Update to ios 13.5 and wait Unc0ver jailbreak(if you dont have jailbreak)Big update coming soon. This is your chance to get bettter cheats with jailbreak. Update Newzzzz: AreaF2 is official closed(app, servers). K.O Alibaba.😂

    1. DanYal


      Damn , Area52 RIP

    2. Errr


      Would u recommend me to update to ios 13.5 waiting for uncover? or stay at 13.3.1 checkrain? Pls advise me

    3. absolut1on


      Depends on how you want. Unc0ver can jailbreak if you are out. 

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  3. i havent fixed anything yet looooooool.If you didnt installed any new hack, how could i modify it?
  4. I lowering the security. So do what you want. Cant get security and no crashes in same time.
  5. Thanks for Kick the Buddy updated hack. I will play some. 😬

  6. You forgot to update Area F2 since 2 versions ago. 🤭People are requesting it. 

    1. absolut1on


      Lost time for a lost game. 

    2. Zahir


      I think the game is already removed from AppStore. It could only be me :dunno: 

    3. Thesniper


      Update Modern Ops to V4.51.

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  7. when u got banned? u used last deb hack?lol that not hacking, thats ruining game! 😂😂😂And dont expect not to get ban.
  8. @Rook move Q-vision Cod in Free section.POGGERS

    1. Rook



  9. The next level of graphic detail in gaming is sick: 


    1. Rook


      If only the games would actually look like this. xD

    2. Zahir


      @Rook xD You should become a mobile pro-player.

    3. Zahir


      "Rook The Undefeated Loser" 

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  10. i still need to copy my hex converted to paste it into my tweak.xm. Maybe a popup where say "copy" when mouse cursor is over hex. Idk its an ideea to get the job done faster.
  11. We fkn love this. Clean. I would want to copy automatically to clipboard the hex converted when click on it
  12. always had higher risk of ban. But even if i say here or other place, people use it anyway.Speedhack too
  13. I have report from my tester that it freeze.What about u guys?For me works. But must fix the issue.
  14. Updated again Cod Cheat adding more security. Reinstall the hack.Further development is discontinued,except updates.Enjoy, and dont abuse. Aim assist get you banned.

    1. The Kid Morales
    2. anaL7N


      Thank you so much bro 👍🏼♥️♥️

    3. R3qlzz


      Any skill shop in this cheat ?

  15. VideoAdsSpeed in Cydia then setup in settings device works only for unity ads
  16. will look into for grass and stuff. For better aim i need weapon. 😂Do you know where i can have weapons without playing the game 1 week? 😜
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