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  1. How are you bro 

  2. i fixed it by removing the space in String>com.example.test<String the space which was String>com.example.test <String like that ^^^^^^^^^^^^ it has to be like String>com.example.test<String NO SPACES credits to @Joka and @Battousai
  3. i compile using shmoo mod menu template and install the deb and activate it (which has worked before) so now what happens is i compile and no errors appear and i install the deb package and the mod menu does not show the icon in game to where i can activate the mod menu. what i did try recommended to me by @Joka is reinstall template so i did that and still nothing 😡 the problem im having is the mod menu is not wanting to inject into this game i will post make file and tweak.xm #import "Macros.h" #import "ModMenu.h" #import "Hack.h" #import "Hook.h" #import "SliderHook.h" #import "TextfieldHook.h" #import <substrate.h> #import <initializer_list> #import <vector> #import <mach-o/dyld.h> /*****************************/ static NSString *const title = @""; //title of your menu static NSString *const credits = @"Made by Tay"; //who made the hack? static NSString *const font = @"Copperplate-Bold"; //what font do you want the text to be? don't put anything for the default font static UIColor *const themeColor = rgb(0xD4A37); //the overall color for the menu and the button //replace the ? with anything from this list: //https://ghostbin.com/paste/mbkfb //or you could specify a custom color with //rgb(0xCOLORCODE) ex: rgb(0x738282) //a complete list of fonts can be found here: //http://iosfonts.com/ //please refer to README.txt for more info. /******************************/ uint64_t getRealOffset(uint64_t); void addHack(NSString *, NSString *, NSString *, std::initializer_list<uint64_t>, std::initializer_list<uint64_t>, std::initializer_list<uint64_t>); void addHook(NSString *, NSString *, NSString *, uint64_t, void *, void *); void addSliderHook(NSString *, NSString *, NSString *, float, float, uint64_t, void *, void *); void addTextfieldHook(NSString *, NSString *, NSString *, uint64_t, void *, void *); static ModMenu *menu; bool buttonAdded; %hook UnityAppController - (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(id)arg0 { UIWindow *main = [UIApplication sharedApplication].keyWindow.rootViewController.view; UIButton *openButton = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeRoundedRect]; openButton.frame = CGRectMake((main.frame.size.width/2)-15, (main.frame.size.height/2)+75, 30, 30); openButton.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor]; openButton.layer.cornerRadius = 16; openButton.layer.borderWidth = 2; openButton.layer.borderColor = themeColor.CGColor; [openButton addTarget:self action:@selector(wasDragged:withEvent:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchDragInside]; [openButton addTarget:self action:@selector(showMenu) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchDownRepeat]; if(!buttonAdded){ timer((int64_t)1){ UIWindow *main = [UIApplication sharedApplication].keyWindow.rootViewController.view; menu = [[ModMenu alloc] initWithTitle:title credits:credits fontName:font theme:themeColor]; /*********************** add your features below this multi line comment. they show in the order you have added them. for example: addHack(@"God Mode", @"Description of the hack", font, {0x252e1a}, {0x7047}, {0xf0b5}); multi offset hacks can be added like this (there is no limit to the number of offsets you can have!): addHack(@"No Recoil", @"No recoil prevents any recoil from being applied when you shoot.", font, {0x356a7c, 0x110f0a}, {0x7047, 0x7047}, {0xf0b5, 0xf0b5}); parameters: addHack(hack name, description, font, offset(s), hacked hex(es), original hex(es)); to add a slider hook: for example: addSliderHook(@"Field of View Slider", @"Adjust the game's field of view with this slider.", font, 40, 120, 0xc48ea6, (void *)_getFov, (void *)getFov); parameters: addSliderHook(hack name, description, font, minimum slider value, maximum slider value, function to hook, hooked function name, original function name); to retrieve the value of the slider, use: float val = [SliderHook getSliderValueForHook:@"hack name here"]; to add a textfield hook: for example: addTextfieldHook(@"Field of View Textfield", @"Adjust the game's field of view with this textfield.", font, 0xc48ea6, (void *)_getFov, (void *)getFov); parameters: addSliderHook(hack name, description, font, function to hook, hooked function name, original function name); to retrieve the value of the textfield: int val = [[TextfieldHook getTextfieldValueForHook:@"hack name here"] intValue]; float val = [[TextfieldHook getTextfieldValueForHook:@"hack name here"] floatValue]; to add a normal hook: for example: addHook(@"80 FOV", @"When on, your FOV will be changed to 80.", font, 0xc48ea6, (void *)_getFov, (void *)getFov); parameters: addHook(hack name, description, font, function to hook, hooked function name, original function name); to see if the the user turned on the hook or not: bool isOn = [Hook getHookOnForHook:@"hack name here"] ************************/ //add features here! addHack(@"Test1", @"Sets", font, {0x100123456, 0x100123456}, {0xE0031D2A, 0xC0035FD6}, {0xF44FBEA9, 0xFD7B01A9}); [main addSubview:openButton]; [main addSubview:menu]; buttonAdded = true; }); } %orig; } %new - (void)showMenu { [menu show]; } %new - (void)wasDragged:(UIButton *)button withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { UITouch *touch = [[event touchesForView:button] anyObject]; CGPoint previousLocation = [touch previousLocationInView:button]; CGPoint location = [touch locationInView:button]; CGFloat delta_x = location.x - previousLocation.x; CGFloat delta_y = location.y - previousLocation.y; button.center = CGPointMake(button.center.x + delta_x, button.center.y + delta_y); } %end void addHack(NSString *name, NSString *description, NSString *fontName, std::initializer_list<uint64_t> offsets, std::initializer_list<uint64_t> hackedHexes, std::initializer_list<uint64_t> originalHexes){ std::vector<uint64_t> offsetVector; std::vector<uint64_t> hackedHexVector; std::vector<uint64_t> originalHexVector; offsetVector.insert(offsetVector.begin(), offsets.begin(), offsets.end()); hackedHexVector.insert(hackedHexVector.begin(), hackedHexes.begin(), hackedHexes.end()); originalHexVector.insert(originalHexVector.begin(), originalHexes.begin(), originalHexes.end()); Hack *h = [[Hack alloc] initWithHackName:name info:description fontName:fontName theme:themeColor offset:offsetVector hackedHex:hackedHexVector originalHex:originalHexVector]; [menu addHack:h]; } void addHook(NSString *name, NSString *description, NSString *fontName, uint64_t offset, void *hooked, void *orig){ MSHookFunction(((void*)getRealOffset(offset + 1)), hooked, &orig); Hook *h = [[Hook alloc] initWithHookName:name info:description fontName:fontName theme:themeColor offset:0x251832]; [menu addHook:h]; } void addSliderHook(NSString *name, NSString *description, NSString *fontName, float minValue, float maxValue, uint64_t offset, void *hooked, void *orig){ MSHookFunction(((void*)getRealOffset(offset + 1)), hooked, &orig); SliderHook *sh = [[SliderHook alloc] initWithSliderHookName:name info:description fontName:fontName theme:themeColor offset:offset minValue:minValue maxValue:maxValue]; [menu addHook:sh]; } void addTextfieldHook(NSString *name, NSString *description, NSString *fontName, uint64_t offset, void *hooked, void *orig){ MSHookFunction(((void*)getRealOffset(offset + 1)), hooked, &orig); TextfieldHook *th = [[TextfieldHook alloc] initWithTextfieldHookName:name info:description fontName:fontName theme:themeColor offset:offset]; [menu addHook:th]; } uint64_t getRealOffset(uint64_t offset){ return _dyld_get_image_vmaddr_slide(0)+offset; } make file ARCHS = armv7 arm64 TARGET = iphone:clang:latest:latest THEOS_PACKAGE_DIR_NAME = debs include /var/theos/makefiles/common.mk TWEAK_NAME = removed removed_FILES = Tweak.xm ModMenu.mm Hack.mm Hook.mm SliderHook.mm TextfieldHook.mm InfoView.mm removed_FRAMEWORKS = UIKit MessageUI Social QuartzCore CoreGraphics Foundation AVFoundation Accelerate GLKit SystemConfiguration removed_LDFLAGS += -Wl,-segalign,4000,-lstdc++ removed_CFLAGS ?= -DALWAYS_INLINE=1 -Os -std=c++11 -w -s include /var/theos/makefiles/tweak.mk include /var/theos/makefiles/aggregate.mk
  4. RDR2 is sooooooo goooood omg 

    1. Joka


       50% completed it ?

    2. Laxus


      Wish I had a decent pc to play it :pepe:

  5. so the functions on this post is the latest version as you know well the functions on here are the exact same as on the version that slater hacked which is 1.0.6 i compared them something tells me this debug menu is not patched
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