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  1. RDR2 is sooooooo goooood omg 

    1. Joka


       50% completed it ?

    2. Laxus


      Wish I had a decent pc to play it :pepe:

  2. so the functions on this post is the latest version as you know well the functions on here are the exact same as on the version that slater hacked which is 1.0.6 i compared them something tells me this debug menu is not patched
  3. i thought if its in there then you would be able to
  4. what am i looking for in the version slater hacked is it still show menu and showcheats ?????
  5. ok dammmm im sad i really wanted to add resources to my xbox version
  6. i agree but what confuses me is the show menu function and show cheats function is still in the latest build what i could do is crack version 1.0.6 and compare that to the latest
  7. ok i just wanna note slater did enable the debug function back on 1.0.6 i also thought you have to branch a in game button to the debug function
  8. bump well im not totally sure but those are the only 2 i found
  9. what the heck dida doesn't mind i have done it before on here
  10. i made it look better i couldn't get the code tag to work
  11. you could have F**** told me instead of blocking me ? how do i do a code tag i will fix it once you tell me
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