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Status Updates posted by Max-Q

  1. Max-Q

    :shmoo:Welcome to the Club! ^_^

    1. X204


      Thanks ❤️

  2. POGGERSWho doesnt like this 


  3. Is Death Strading a game or a movie? lol watch Making of...... 


  4. :snack:Fps Hack need? Witch game? Most game replies gets in-charged by me.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DanYal


      COC Qvision

    3. Max-Q


      clash of clans ??? lol what to see through walls? 😂

    4. iCheatGamesForFun


      How about the update on ZoZo Absolut1on codm AA prv?


  5. Crysis Remastered Out Now on Nintendo Switch!



    1. bR34Kr


      Switch has some nice titles 😮

  6. Passed to Unc0ver. Thanks to Sideloadly ,Rook and to all who worrked at it.

  7. Far Cry 6 :snack: 


    1. Rook


      Damn I wanted a sequel to FC5 ending

    2. 0xSUBZ3R0


      looks unreal

    3. lukevennart


      @absolut1on are you Italian? Lol

  8. Checkra1n Jailbreak + Liberty Lite Beta = No ban Cod Mobile. Unc0ver Jailbreak=Ban.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. lakshjain1


      how to configure it then..???


    3. NotMe_


      Use 0.03 it configures itself

    4. cronaldo4278


      Remove liberty lite , it crashes and make ban hopefully there is fix for that atm try A-bypass and flyjb for uncover since kernbypass is not stable 

  9. Cydia has become a shopping application in 2020........

  10. Max-Q



    1. Rook


      Console. Skip

    2. Max-Q


      😬Yeah. We need Pc or Iphone version. 😘

  11. I use liberty lite Beta from pulandres repo(witch is dead repo).I have repacked the deb .

    1. Aadhil12345


      I am using liberty lite beta 0.2.12 by Ryley . Not ban 

    2. netfl1x


      yes, I use ryley's too, didn't get banned yet

    3. Laxus


      Use the one from official repo lol.

  12. Do not update A-bypass tweak to 1.0.8. It blocks injection of the cheats so they wont open in games.Use for now 1.0.7

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. netfl1x


      U guys can use app admin tweak on cydia to downgrade a-bypass from 1.0.8 to 1.0.7

    3. lakshjain1


      yeah not updating to 1.0.8 & please add strong aim assist to this hack @absolut1on & a lot of thanks to you for make so mind-blowing hacks @absolut1on

    4. cvdsfrfcdsz


      1.0.8  good working with q-vision

  13. First Rainbow System Wallhack with full compatibility[a12 included] is now available in iosgods. New Overpowered Mods(dont abuse pls) for Modern Ops  Megathread: 


  14. Cod Bypass is patched. So it cannot be updated anymore.Dont trust other sources or people that talk other things. Was removed because of that, so people dont install and use a faulty cheat. For faulty but availabile cheats pls head to other comunities. 🙂

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. takao1107


      thank you

    3. takao1107


      mod 1.0.15 update pleaseeeee!

    4. takao1107


      so let's say that the number of teams is equal to 1.0.15.??

  15. I have fixed Cod Bypass, stop chatting about jb detection in topic, isnt that the cause.Waiting further feedback from testers to be sure its safe and will update. 

  16. So we get ban in cod mobile without hacks and liberty lite enabled  in first 8 matches? I need feedback. Pls reply only result if you test it for me. 

    1. Show previous comments  18 more
    2. The Kid Morales

      The Kid Morales

      Played about 20 games now , using your menu and Enoch’s. I’m making it obvious that I’m using hacks still haven’t gotten banned . Running Kernbypass

    3. king23yt


      can I use q-vision on its own? or does it need the anti cheat bypass?

    4. Avay


      m on ios 13.5 jailbroken with checkrain i didn't use any hacks but still got banned for 20 mins nd it happened 4 times in mp matches (kill comfirm tdm) in paractive nd then in BR had Flyjb on plus liberty lite too 

  17. Borderlands PC Game is free untill 04/06/2020 in Epicgames store  from 59E :https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/bundles/borderlands-the-handsome-collection?sessionInvalidated=true

  18. who got ban cod 20min and now  can play, need a tester 

    1. Show previous comments  28 more
    2. kevshinz


      It’s not jb detection. Idk why people are saying that. From what I’ve been seeing, it could be the different version of jb that people are running or the their phone model itself. Checkrain seems to be okay but not completely ban proof on the other hand, uncover seems to get banned 100%. It could be an issue with a12 devices since checkrain only goes up to a11 devices and uncover goes up to the latest a12/a13 devices.

    3. iCheatGamesForFun


      @absolut1on I’ll be real with you you get 5min bans every game. With Checkra1n device ios12 and my other checkra1n device ios13. About I’d say 1month ago this hack became detected. Before running it without JB detection would still meant it was undetected now if you choose to run it without it’s a 10yr ban.. so clearly something has changed and it’s not the JB detection, it’s the mod itself. 

    4. CubanBoy


      @kevshinz I don't think it has to do with JB. I have two ios devices, 7 plus and XR, in both I had the prohibition even when they ran on different versions. ios 11.4.1 and ios 13.5. I think the problem is with the modification since deleting it there is no ban of any kind. 

  19. POGGERS Basshunter is back: 


  20. :yr: once in my life wanted to use this and is UNDER MAINTENANCE https://www.sonick14.tech/

    1. ScriptedSoul


      Do you create/run websites ?

    2. Zakssss


      It would be more fun if u have ur own website 

    3. Max-Q


      Yes i have already a site. Iosgods.com

  21. Update to ios 13.5 and wait Unc0ver jailbreak(if you dont have jailbreak)Big update coming soon. This is your chance to get bettter cheats with jailbreak. Update Newzzzz: AreaF2 is official closed(app, servers). K.O Alibaba.😂

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DanYal


      Damn , Area52 RIP

    3. Errr


      Would u recommend me to update to ios 13.5 waiting for uncover? or stay at 13.3.1 checkrain? Pls advise me

    4. Max-Q


      Depends on how you want. Unc0ver can jailbreak if you are out. 

  22. Thanks for Kick the Buddy updated hack. I will play some. 😬

  23. You forgot to update Area F2 since 2 versions ago. 🤭People are requesting it. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Max-Q


      Lost time for a lost game. 

    3. Zahir


      I think the game is already removed from AppStore. It could only be me :dunno: 

    4. Thesniper


      Update Modern Ops to V4.51.

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