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  1. Hi, i was trying to disassemble functions for a unity game. but it wasnt working. Firstly, i got the offset to a playsound function and try to disassemble it in real time. But turns out that it is not a function at that address. base address after aslr + offset : Secondly, all functions inspected in IDA are also encrypted as followed. I have no way to dissassemble the functions. What can i do here? Thanks. Thanks.
  2. Same problem here! Dumping the framework instead seems not working . ( it can be successfully dumped but the script are failing to run in ida)
  3. Hi, i want to find the address of speed in a game called Car Parking Multiplayer. and i got no result related. This is my method to find the speed. ( the bottom left showed my speed) I tried using dlgmemor/ igamesgod/ gamegem. And i tried to searched for the money and health data too. But they all return 0 result. Is it because that this game has some kind of protection to prevent memory searching? my device is ipad pro 14.6 i dont think an app that LocalIAP works on it would have some memory check protection. PS: my gamegem worked on another game called hill climber. VIDEO link
  4. hi, i havent touched IOS reverse engineering for few years. I would like to ask if gdb or lldb work on ios 14? i googled but didnt have related results. And are crackerxi and igamesgod working on IOS 14 as well? i am running Checka1n jailbreak. Thanks a lot.
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