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  1. Hmm ill see what this is lmao sounds interesting
  2. Its not that i wanted to bypass license check I could’ve easily have done so lmao, support the devs.
  3. Please downgrade Terraria using AppStore++ if you wish to continue using this cheat thank you
  4. Its an apk Terraria Android has a check to see if you bought it from google play store i was lazy and didn’t bypass it. buy the game first to use this modmenu Hack Features:- Godmode - Infinite Mana - One-Hit Kill - Infinite Flight - No Drown -> You wont drown. - Spaz - SpawnSolarSet - SpawnNebulaSet - SpawnVortexSet - SpawnStarDustSet - Suicide - Kill yourself and you will get a message saying you have been killed by Red16 [Hidden Content] Credits @Red16
  5. class Player and class Main my game crashes when trying to access another class. the class im trying to access is called Main and it has an instance //public static Main instance; // 0x10 and in the thing i want from main class is //public static int myPlayer; //0x1840 ok so i did what u did up there to access main class and i put them inside update method in Player class
  6. @ludo_rxx yes its possible you need the .app of the deb/ipa and you need a controll file
  7. File is not there you’ll get banned
  8. Pls Bruh since you don’t have many features you can have my cross hair also ill get u speed x2 x3 x4 //WeaponSpread$$GetSpreadPreset [switches addOffsetSwitch:@"No Spread" description:@"" offsets:{0x1014F34DC} bytes:{0xE003271EC0035FD6}]; this is fmov s0, #0 ret
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