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  1. Gives me a prompt basically saying something has been detected and when I use liberty lite it lets me get past to the server select and when I try and join another pop up saying system failure or something like that shows up.
  2. Alright guys, don’t use unless you want to get banned. Not worth losing all the work you’ve done unless there’s a anti-ban detection for this game that work really well.
  3. Hey @RuffNut can the nbalivemobile hack still work ? And I’m jail broken I just need a clearer explanation. Help will be appreciated!

  4. Of what there is not much in the setting of CrackerXI. Rn I’m using bfdycript or whatever it’s called. It’s annoying to try and find the cracked ipa but at least it works Btw do you know how to root into device using putty?
  5. So today I tried using CrackerXI (v1.1.15) and I couldn't even enable the hook switch. I then used another repo that had CrackerXI (v1.1.5) and the hook switch enabled. Now the problem is that I am getting an error saying "Error creating IPA" and its annoying me. Device: iPhone 8 + iOS Version: 11.4.1 JB: Electra JB
  6. Tap on the 3 dots and tap on .IPA download. If you’re to lazy to hop on PC just use ReProvision and install it that way, without needing to use computer.
  7. Same problem here Edit: I just installed CrackerXI v1.1.5 instead of the new version (1.1.15) and it works. Seems like the AppCake (iPhoneCake) one doesn’t work as of currently. Here is the repo for the one that works: https://mchamp90.github.io/ I’m pretty sure it’ll work for you since it seems to me that the latest version of CrackerXI is broken
  8. 6:~ mobile$ su Password: 6:/var/mobile root# lldb dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/liblldb.3.8.dylib Referenced from: /usr/bin/lldb Reason: no suitable image found. Did find: /usr/bin/../lib/liblldb.3.8.dylib: code signing blocked mmap() of '/usr/bin/../lib/liblldb.3.8.dylib' /usr/lib/liblldb.3.8.dylib: code signing blocked mmap() of '/usr/lib/liblldb.3.8.dylib' Abort trap: 6 6:/var/mobile root# Has anyone had this error or problem? I ssh into my term and tried LLDB and hit enter and then this is what I got.
  9. So if I’m hacking ammo using a breakpoint and I input an offset I think may be the offset that has to deal with ammo and I shot the game should freeze, and I then know that the offset may be useful. Alright
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