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  1. Hey ummmm you know when i tried to install the hack and typed that line in filza from cydia it worked actually. But I didn’t use newterm. It was really easy to install by filza electrocuted
  2. Yes i did download it from safari and i renamed it too and tried to and also tried without renaming as well as on safari method too
  3. Tried that too and gives me that there is error in red colour? but let me try again edit- it gives me this error after i put a space and yes i have moved the .deb and renamed to gunsofboom.deb
  4. Yeah this line dpkg -i/var/mobile/xxxxxx.deb and normally it is stored under mobile section rather then documents
  5. Whenever i try to add this line-dpkg-i/path to the file it gives me this error-no such file or directory. help
  6. Yeah same error for guns of boom mod menu cheat. Try with terminal on ios device
  7. Remove the topanga. You might have installed it before
  8. But now filza from cydia works fine now. It is still in beta but is giving full root permissions. So should i try to install from there?
  9. So any easy and safe tut for this jailbreak to apply? And btw im shooked now
  10. So i have jailbreaked with electra and have cydia but do i need filza from third party app to install because that filza doesn’t have full root access. Any suggestions to install those hacks?
  11. When i open cydia the first thing i see is This and whenever i try to add a repo to cydia help needed ASAP
  12. I am not able to find a working and fully functional BioProtect ios 11 compatible tweak. I installed one from Karen’s repo but it was asking for a license and it was asking for my touchID only when i wanted to open BioProtect settings
  13. So now are we able to directly install tweaks from IG? Like i have Filza from a third party app so now i will be able to install the hacks like the old way or i need to wait for filza and other tweaks to be updated?
  14. I was not able to find one. Please provide me the link if you can
  15. yes man im just making a fix tutorial for it. So as soon as it is complete i will dm you straight away
  16. Ok so you’ve got any video tutorial to do becuase this is gonna be my first time edit-please provide me with the reddit link edit 2-thx this helped me and its solved now
  17. So my cydia is broken?? and thanks for the fast reply?
  18. Hey,so i jailbreaked my ip7+ with the electra jailbreak on IOS 11.1.2. Now the problem is that whenever i open cydia this shows up and no other repos show any of there tweaks. So guys help me out,im counting on you now
  19. When i was trying to install Electra jailbreak to my ip7+,one error came up so i used Xcode,but when i click on that i get this error-{progress.hpp:87 _assert(false)}. Now i have already searched this problem many times and i was not able to find a previous version of impactor. So if you are able to help me out in anyway or send me link of the previous version of the impactor then Thank you so much
  20. Yes,but that’s only for Vip members and i want something similar to that for non Vip users
  21. Name of the game you want hacked: Rules of survival Version of the game: 1.0.14 iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/rules-of-survival/id1307961750?mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: jailbroken Requested Features: Aim bot,Wallhack and any other feature you can add.
  22. I juts want to know how to unprotect apple music or remove DRM on them through your device only or through PC. I just want to make a ringtone. That’s it
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