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  1. Tool [Free - Full] iGameGuardian 7 for iOS 8/9/10

    Thanks Edit: myrepospace.com is down man. You should update ur post @Diversityy
  2. Help/Support Need help with using IDA with Zenonia 3

    Yes but does armv7 differ from armv6?
  3. Help/Support Semi-Jailbreak Boot Loop

    Its gonna be hard for anybody but you to figure out this problem, when we dont know what did you install, where did you get the tweak, what did you do with your ipad or anything. But, there are "A LOT" of tutorials out there, so I suggested you google. Sorry man.
  4. Help/Support Need help with using IDA with Zenonia 3

    Yes i did cracked the binary already but it looks like the functions I am looking for arent inside it. They only point to other files in the game directory.
  5. As the topic suggested, I have been using IDA and some other tools such as flex to try to disassemble the headers from the game binary. But, as I tried to look for crucial points, I couldn't find one, for example, I am trying to hack the "stats points" I have tried searching several strings that are found in-game but aren't present in the dissasembled strings. But I noticed that some headers are calling other files located outside of the binary with extension such as .zt1 or .pwm etc... Please help if anybody could, it would be very much appreciated. Ps. I will update the post with images as soon as possible
  6.  Tweak Zenonia 4 (All Versions) +37

    Lets see if it works. Thanks btw!
  7. VIP 1 Month Giveaway X5

    Hope i get some. Lol
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