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  1. Please hack seven knights v 3.0.10

    thank !!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. D143l0


      Hi @NO ADVERTISING! can u kindly please update the walking dead no man's land hack to latest 2.7 for the unlimited moves.? Thank you very much..! Cheers..!

    3. toto377


      hello again wanted to ask if I could get the link for twdnml

    4. Mirkofix


      link brawl start no working



  2. 994820dc635095d73df5a6a251289bc5

    1. samaythemaster


      Hey could you update the walking dead link it says the file was deleted


    2. andreybmwm3


      Hi man.  Same here. The link is not working. I would really like to see the hack in action. I've been playing this game for over a year and I do hope there is working hack for it. If it does work on my iphone I'll make a donation and I DO keep my promise. Please help me with these thing. :) Thanks

    3. redstormer


      tales of ray link is removed..

  3. what i can do yeah.. scroll issue with smaller device.. need to fix..
  4. after relased this maybe they will fix all next times
  5. yeah.. i found too has some issue with build or upgrade but you can duplicate the item fisrt.
  6. i said dont turn on the max resource and enter or in the location lol..
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