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  1. Not sure, for me at least, I get undefined symbol error if I don't.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm creating this tutorial because many hacks are broken on latest version of unc0ver and substrate. You can use this as an alternative to writeData and vm_write because of this. It should work fine and give no crashes. 😄 Requirements: -Cydia Substrate (0.9.7020) -Filza File Manager -Basic IDA/Game hacking knowledge -Theos [Hidden Content]
  3. Solved! I used MSHookMemory instead of writeData and now my hacks work perfectly.
  4. I get crashes with that menu but also just with using writeData so idk...
  5. Sign binary with get-task-allow to attach??
  6. Hey guys, so I'm on the latest unc0ver version and whenever I try to make a tweak it crashes the game. If I'm writing to memory using writeData or just reading from memory it crashes on any game no matter what. I know that my hack works because if I modify the game's binary it works perfectly fine.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get AP mod menu? The link on the topic is down. I just want some mod menu that I can make for iOS 11.
  8. New version out on the guy's github website. You should put the release page link instead of the specific beta 8 one.
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