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  1. Currently IOS version 4.0.1, Android version 4.0.2. IOS can find some data modifications as usual, but some functions can no longer be modified. Android can’t just use the data you know to search as usual. The data is encrypted and the presentation in the data packet is not the same as before.
  2. In daily tasks, you can also obtain diamonds and money repeatedly through modification, and you can also change the amount obtained. The number of gold coins and diamonds that can be stored each time is: (This is my habit of receiving) Gold coins: 100,000 Diamond: 20,000 Never let the diamonds and gold coins on the main screen exceed: (This is my habit of receiving) Gold coins: 4.5 million Diamond: 450,000
  3. That is because there is a set of values in the treasure chest that can modify the number of diamonds obtained. The position is below the gold coins obtained. You can use daily tasks to obtain diamonds and then modify the diamonds in the treasure chest, so that you can open the treasure chest at zero cost.
  4. I don't think it's necessary, if you try to modify the data you can find. If you have a jailbreak status, you can try to search for the target value and make search changes. Please remember to use the guest account test, otherwise AutoBan will display 4444 to lock your account.
  5. I think someone already supplies this modified application, and those functions are enough. https://iosgods.com/topic/126524-random-dice-pvp-defense-v3152-8-cheats/
  6. Daily rewards Search (Search according to the number of daily rewards) 444444: 1: 100: 4 Click 100 to enter the memory location and find the following combination 424434 (change quantity) 444536 (change 0) 1 100 (change quantity) 1 215 98 65537 Looking up will also find diamonds and card quantity codes Daily reward switch It will become this data after receiving the reward 215 2 65793 Change him back again 215 98 65537 Can reclaim You can always lock up 98 and 65537. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Full dice Joint search 444444: 444441: 5: 444447: 3: 444445 5: 3: 1: 1 Find the combination arrangement as shown in the figure There are usually two groups of the same Try it all You can also change the number of legacy dice fragments to change Numerical adjustment 12, improve 444444 and Remember to change the second set of feature codes to 0 The order is: ordinary dice, rare dice, hero dice, legend dice
  7. The dice level, daily tasks, daily store, trophy, cooperation mode (Number of rounds and no monsters) can be modified. In addition to daily tasks and daily stores, most have become floating data, but most of the data is a group of five values. Search the value I32 you see directly without having to type 444444 and 424434 Change slowly to confirm the value, after finding a certain value package example: A floating value B floating value C 1 D target value E 1 1. Change E to 0 2. Then save A B D to the record 3. After switching to the record, first change B to 0, then change A and D to the values you want 4. Turn the lock switch on again, then turn it off again, switch to the memory location to see if there is any change, and then return to the game after the change. Modification of required examples: dice, fake currency, fake diamonds. How to modify is to change him to 0 in one of the places, and then store and lock three places to change him once and it will change. It is currently known that fixed values can be easily found to modify values Modifications related to heritage treasure chests can be found from the joint search starting from 444444 Daily shops and daily tasks start with 424434 search. At present, it is known that the harmonious modification project is composed of five identical dice, and the heritage treasure is opened with 0 cost.
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