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  1. Currently IOS version 4.0.1, Android version 4.0.2. IOS can find some data modifications as usual, but some functions can no longer be modified. Android can’t just use the data you know to search as usual. The data is encrypted and the presentation in the data packet is not the same as before.
  2. In daily tasks, you can also obtain diamonds and money repeatedly through modification, and you can also change the amount obtained. The number of gold coins and diamonds that can be stored each time is: (This is my habit of receiving) Gold coins: 100,000 Diamond: 20,000 Never let the diamonds and gold coins on the main screen exceed: (This is my habit of receiving) Gold coins: 4.5 million Diamond: 450,000
  3. That is because there is a set of values in the treasure chest that can modify the number of diamonds obtained. The position is below the gold coins obtained. You can use daily tasks to obtain diamonds and then modify the diamonds in the treasure chest, so that you can open the treasure chest at zero cost.
  4. I don't think it's necessary, if you try to modify the data you can find. If you have a jailbreak status, you can try to search for the target value and make search changes. Please remember to use the guest account test, otherwise AutoBan will display 4444 to lock your account.
  5. I think someone already supplies this modified application, and those functions are enough. https://iosgods.com/topic/126524-random-dice-pvp-defense-v3152-8-cheats/
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