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  1. Thank you so much for this Amuyea - You're the best For those interested in the Jailbroken method of this its here: Once again thank you so much Amuyea
  2. Awwww thank you so much Amuyea For those who may be interested in the Non Jailbroken Version of this its here: Thanks to Amuyea for this again
  3. Hey Guys The process of Jailbreaking can sometimes be annoying if you run into technical troubles or issues. But do not worry, its fun to solve technical problems and feel special ultimately, tough following written guides for most of us become a little difficult, video tutorials are more easier to understand. With this tutorial you will be mostly able to fix all Cydia or Jailbreak related errors as it will delete the entire existence of the Jailbreak, which will ultimately fix many issues persisting such as DPKG_LOCKED etc. Hope it helps guys!
  4. Hey DiDA, please update your plist link for Electra to this - its the updated version of Electra1131 v1.0.2. Also thanks for linking my post to your post
  5. Hey Guys In this tutorial, I will be giving you the compete knowledge about the new Electra 11.3.1 Jailbreak as some of you may not be super technical, so you guys know what you're dealing with. If you might have noticed on the Electra Website (https://coolstar.org/electra/) As you can notice from the screenshot above there are two Jailbreaks you can install: 1. The Dev Account JB which is based on the multipath tcp exploit 2. The Non Dev Account JB which is based on the vfs exploit The Non Dev Account JB is the traditional JB we're all used to with Electra1112, Yalu102, Pangu933 etc. We simply used Impactor and installed it on our devices, usually the 5 or 6th attempt you were able to successfully Jailbreak. Tough unfortunate with this JB, the success rate is terrible people being able to Jailbreak on their 50th or 60th attempt, crazy ain't it? On the other side, the Dev Account JB seems to have a really high success rate, where users reporting to have successfully Jailbroken on their first attempt. Tough unfortunately as the name suggests only Developers who have an Apple Developer account can use this method. But don't you worry guys, Team Ignition has come to our rescue. https://twitter.com/useignition/status/1015510561361018880 They have signed the Dev Account JB on their website https://ignition.fun/ so that users can easily download the Jb without a computer and take advantage of the Dev only JB with extreme success rate. The Jailbreaking Process: Important: Before doing anything else you need to do two things before proceeding to Jailbreak: 1. Delete the OTA Update from Setting's. To delete that Navigate to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> iOS 11.4 -> Delete Update & then restart your phone. 2. Install the TvOS Beta Profile to stop iOS updates If you use the Dev Account Method: Step 1: Go to https://ignition.fun/ and Install Electra1131_MP (v1.0.3 - latest) or click here Step 2: Disable Wifi in the Settings Step 3: Enable Airplane Mode, (However ive had success with having it disabled) Step 4: Open up a few apps and use them for a few seconds and make sure that there is no lag when opening and closing the apps otherwise it wont work Step 5: Close all the apps Step 6: Put your phone to sleep for around 10 to 20 seconds Step 7: Unlock your device and double tap the home button to have it open and close the app switcher Step 8: Open Electra and give it a go! If you use the Non Dev Account Method: Update: There have been multiple users who claimed that their Jailbreak got through the first time itself using the Dev Account method. Please check the comments below for proof also for technical support. Post Exploitation I have compiled a few things, here and there which will help you out after when you Jailbreak How to get iOSGods Deb Hacks Working with Electra Useful Sources you can add to Cydia: Working Tweaks with Electra 11.3.1 JB:
  6. Hey Guys Don't like the new App Update? & you're not Jailbroken? No worries, you can downgrade to the app version you desire. I wish I knew about this earlier when the Jailbreak wasn't out, but I'm sure many will benefit from this. Before beginning make sure you don't have the same app installed that you'd like to downgrade Get iTunes 12.6.3 (With AppStore) from here https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208079 Get Fiddler from here https://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler Google the name of the app you'd like to downgrade Example: Twitter Appstore Click on the link with itunes.apple.com/ in the URL When you open the page you'll see the URL with the AppID. Twitter's in this case is 333903271 To find the AppID for your app you'll want to copy the numbers between "id" & "?mt=8" in the URL Go here https://mixrank.com/appstore/apps/ paste the AppID after apps/ then type /versions and press the Enter key It will now look something like this except from the AppID (Twitter was used in this example) https://mixrank.com/appstore/apps/333903271/versions There will usually be a description of what's changed in each version. If there isn't one just Google the app name, version & date. It will give you some information When you have decided which version you would like, You need to copy the Build Number next to the Release Date Now open this video guide below and follow along to downgrade the app that you've chosen & put it on your device <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/kKAfmCW95Fs?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> ( in case the video doesn't show up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKAfmCW95Fs ) The link that's announced at around 3:35, you will need to right click that bold link and then click "Unlock for Editing" This is not my video so all credits to go user "Robot404" on YouTube. Just needed to do a write up on how to do this for all apps
  7. Hey iYodah, lets make this a reality. Lets take use of that dev cert and find out what we can do with it and how we can help out the community.
  8. LiAm.

    My Main Topic

    Thanks for all your help
  9. Congratulations @@DiDA and all the other contributors at iosgods , Think like last time it's time to do a super giveaway and other superb stuff
  10. I think so it's similar to flipboard flex loader?
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