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6S Plus

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    Searching for good games that come with hacks, and one day maybe learning how to hack

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  1. Merry Christmas ☺️ Having a 6S+ not Jailbroken is super boooooring????????

    1. Rook


      But at least you have a 6s+

    2. 6S Plus

      6S Plus

      With no Apps -.- everything is boooooooooooooooring without hacks

  2. I recently got my new 6S+ from an Apple Store near by, I have AT&T as my Carrier and have 64GB of Storage. I must make this clear, if you're debating between 6 & 6S go with the 6/6+ the 6S/6S+ are literally the exact same, no huge improvements! The rumors are "Apple has big plans for the iPhone 7" so if I was you I'd get 6/6+ then upgrade to 7

    1. cu_rry


      Naw, Don't buy 6/6s+. Just wait for IPhone 7 to come out. That'll save you big tons of money.

  3. [Request] Exact App Name, App Version Eternity Warriors 2, 4.3.1 App you want hacked: Eternity Warriors 2 Version of the app: 4.3.1 iTunes URL for the app: Eternity Warriors 2 by Glu Games Inc https://appsto.re/us/vQDuF.i Requested features: ~25,000 Gems (Not 999999 because then can't play multiplayer) ~All Mystery Item Set (Tried for 5 hours spamming Mystery Box for entire Mystery Set but, didn't even get 1!) ~Hacked Attributes? ~One Hit KO ~All Levels Completed? Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken Thank you! It's an old game but very good!
  4. Can ya make any special cheat like UNLIMITED SCORE or maybe UNLIMITED POWERUP TIMES?
  5. Hello to all iOSGods! I am here to announce my annual as you would call "Hibernation" as of now. My iPad recently broke and I've broke my 6+ in this past Summer. Due to those precautions, I will be inactive until the end of February-Mid April I'm sad to be inactive for 2 1/2 months but it has to be done. I came to the Library to announce my annual temporary farewell to the crew! When I come back it's going to be a hell of a time...

    1. 6S Plus

      6S Plus

      I will check in every now and then but not much! My grandma having bad time, don't wanna ask for anything in this time


    2. zzmorg82


      Take it easy Zara.

  6. As you've all seen I've been inactive for a long period of time... time is of the essence goodbye...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rook


      Good luck in your new house! :)

    3. Diversityy


      Good luck, Zaraf. :)

    4. zzmorg82


      Okay Zarafia, stay in school. :)

  7. Eternity Warriors 4 doesn't have Crack/Jailbreak check someone said but why ban us with change binary then

  8. Any fix to the Eternity Warriors 4 ban :(

  9. Ian's EternityW4 Binary change hack makes you banned, we need a Anti Hack detector :(

    1. Raggnar


      I don't think it will be possible..

    2. 6S Plus
  10. Ian's Eternity Warriors 4 Binary change hack, makes you banned, we ne

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