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  1. So.. i know i know... Who the hell still plays Runescape?! My brother started to play it and i started to feel like i should try it once again. I didn't even knew Old Runescape was back. I no longer play Adventure Quest 3D (newest game from Artix Entertainment) because i just do not have fun playing it anymore. Wondering if someone would be interested to trade a good Runescape 07 account for a Founder AQ3D account. AQ3D details: . Max Level . Founder and Alpha Knight (permanent rare) . Dragon Guardian (permanent rare?) . Best Gears . 6k+ Dragon Crystals (in-game currency) Pm me or just comment if interested. Am i breaking any rules right now? @DiDA ( it's not selling )
  2. https://iosgods.com/topic/9472-iosgods-hacks-compilation-all-the-working-hacks-here/
  3. Today i'm proud to say it's my 3rd year since i've joined iOSGods. Hope many more years will come Good luck iOSGods and congratulations to it's amazing team!
  4. Awards Missing: Famous GFX Award - i started as GFX even though nobody probably remembers/knows =p
  5. 1- Badges were useful too 2- Wasn't aware of this. Good. 3- Rules sometime have to be reformulated.. A Graphics Marketplace wouldn't add any improvement to the Forum itself but would be appealing to many Graphic designers to showoff their work. I don't know the stats, but i would say 50%+ of the community owns a Forum signature and a Profile picture. Avatars and Signatures/Banners will always be popular inside the Forums. Why not support the artists if they provide something that we do appreciate. Gfx has always been a huge part of any Forum. People always liked to "costumize" their profile. 4- Alright
  6. [NEW] Features to the Forum ? - iOSGods Coins - Users would earn those coins for being active. Users could also send coins to other users. Coins could be used to purchase VIP. - Implementation of a Login 2 factor authentication - Graphics Marketplace - Deliberate Section - a section where users could share their discontent/complain about something related to the Forum/Moderation Team.
  7. Hello, Recently i started an Youtube channel just because my brother was really interested on having one and he really wanted me to join him.. It turned out that i joined his channel and since he is busy with school atm i started to make some videos and now i'm having some fun doing them. Ya.. they might not be the best quality gaming videos but i'm having fun and that's what all matters in the beginning. Now... I might not have the best channel but i surely want to have one of the best channel's art. I want the channel to have really catchy art and for that i'm willing to pay. I visited Fiverr (provides freelancer services) and already ordered a few things from different sellers but i never actually felt 100% satisfied. I already have a banner, etc but i made it myself and i want something way better. Art does really matter to me. So, my request is a very very good banner to my youtube channel. Here are some details: My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC86TR7KUNgYYctO1gJHdyrg Banner must be somehow related to Clash Royale; The name of the channel "Clash On Me!" must appear on the banner; Font used can be "Super Magic" (the one i'm using on my current banner) but if you find something better go ahead; Some random banners i've found that i like. I expect my banner to as good as this ones or even better. If you exceed my expectations, the payment will exceed yours aswell. Thanks in advance, Ragg Dang... Please move this to the proper section. My bad
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