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  1. Happy Birthday iOSGods <3

    Member since April 13, 2014.


    1. cu_rry


      fun fact raggy

      im the first member 

    2. OrangeDrop0516


      1 hour ago, -Curry- said:

      fun fact raggy

      im the first member 


  2. Today i'm proud to say it's my 3rd year since i've joined iOSGods. Hope many more years will come Good luck iOSGods and congratulations to it's amazing team!
  3. 1- Badges were useful too 2- Wasn't aware of this. Good. 3- Rules sometime have to be reformulated.. A Graphics Marketplace wouldn't add any improvement to the Forum itself but would be appealing to many Graphic designers to showoff their work. I don't know the stats, but i would say 50%+ of the community owns a Forum signature and a Profile picture. Avatars and Signatures/Banners will always be popular inside the Forums. Why not support the artists if they provide something that we do appreciate. Gfx has always been a huge part of any Forum. People always liked to "costumize" their profile. 4- Alright
  4. [NEW] Features to the Forum ? - iOSGods Coins - Users would earn those coins for being active. Users could also send coins to other users. Coins could be used to purchase VIP. - Implementation of a Login 2 factor authentication - Graphics Marketplace - Deliberate Section - a section where users could share their discontent/complain about something related to the Forum/Moderation Team.
  5. Congratulations to iG! 500.000 members!

    1. Diversityy


      And Congrats for being the 1st member! :3

    2. Raggnar
    3. Zahir
  6. + 250k members in 1 year Forum is still growing like the very 1st day
  7. If we do not talk in the meantime... Happy New Year to everyone ;)

    1. Diversityy


      Happy New Year Raggnar!

    2. xC3FFF0E


      Happy New Year Ragg :)

    3. Swagter123
    4. TheArmKing


      Happy New Year !

    5. Archangel04


      Happy new year "first member" who has id 5

  8. Deb archive might be damaged or some package is missing. Here is not the proper section. Wich topic? Members and Senior Members are not allowed to change their name style. Here is not the proper section. I think you are kinda lost mate...? Here is not the proper section.
  9. @@ZahirSher is getting rich with this contests You should give me 50% just because i suggested this monthly contests...
  10. Olá, Por favor, não faças pedidos neste tópico pois não é o local apropriado Tenta procurar na sub-secção "Android APK Mods". Se não encontrares então cria um Mod Request na secção Android.
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