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  1. Yooooo are you there hello

  2. Hey dude are u still making hacks? Are you ever going to update the guns of boom hack 

  3. You don't understand how this hack work. The hack is only for casual purposes not for esport sweaty wannabe pro players. Or what do you expect from a free public hack? I don't like when people get too spoiled for things. Secondly, the no recoil works fine. Do you understand what a pre-patch means? It means they are activated by default. Its not possible to add a toggle for patches on non jb. I'm not adding a headshot only aimbot because as I said this is a casual hack only. People should deal with my hack as it is or go find another hack. Its not my loss here. And finally, my math isn't perfect. The aimbot can contain some bugs, but when someone find a bug they should report it properly like providing enough details and video proof so I can understand where the bug is and be able to try to fix it. Complains such as "aimbot is bad" does not help at all but a waste of time.
  4. Use the right configuration for the aimbot. Don't just toggle things you don't know what they do. Next time you want to say the aimbot is bad then attach video proof to it or don't waste our time. Please use better translator.
  5. I'm not going to add headshots only. It works fine. Please give more details about your issue
  6. Yes How can you misspell cat? rude! Reinstall it again, and once you get into tutorial just hit exit. Don't try to complete. I wrote that in notes.
  7. This seems to be an issue on your end. I don't see anyone else reporting this. How come you can't select trust in settings? Yes, but I don't have enough time
  8. I use cydia impactor. other than that, you may have to wait for iG app.
  9. I don't know why people prefer integers type for this purpose which forces you to deal with endianness. I just simplified yours too. void inject(uint64_t offset, const void *bytes, size_t bytes_len) { MSHookMemory((void *)getRealOffset(offset), bytes, bytes_len); } Usage: //offset & bytes literal & bytes length /* mov w0, #1 ret */ inject(0x100299DC4, "\x20\x00\x80\x52\xC0\x03\x5F\xD6", 8); You can write as many bytes as you want with this.
  10. Did you try cydia impactor or only within iG app? Also which device you got ?
  11. You can fix that by removing whole uisupportedlist which I have already done so that shouldn't be the issue
  12. Are you able to install it from appstore without issues? I didn't change the minimum iOS version of ipa and frameworks I'm using should be compatible so I have no idea
  13. hecker



  14. I think you're a troll. Maybe send me a video of it? "Does not work well" isn't a good explanation for me to understand where the bug is. Enemies being above or under you is not apart of aimbot calculation. You can get it from iG app. I don't know another method other than that or cydia impactor.
  15. What these pictures supposed to mean? xD. Maybe I'm becoming blind. @Scrappy82 does it work for you? I'm trying it on ak and no problems on my end Its there but not in menu. They are activated by default.
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