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  1. Is there a reason you can load your Google play account on it?
  2. Downloads fine now but won't connect to Google play
  3. So I'm using Samsung s6 rooted and downloading directly to phone and installing from there but keep getting that file appears to be corrupt Anyone able to help I'm new to android
  4. I’ve duplicated guns of boom but it won’t connect to game centre?
  5. I’m able to Duplicate guns of boom but for some reason my game Centre won’t login to the duplicate version?
  6. It was an issue with the ipa I couldn’t install that one so waited for updated one and it worked so I can’t really help on how it was sorted
  7. Unless @CyberCat returns can’t see this happening. but won’t get gold or gun bucks that’s server side
  8. The hack is for 5.2.3 that’s why! If you install app admin on cydia you can downgrade the game to 5.2.3 as it won’t force you to update yet hopefully @absoluT1on will update before it forced update
  9. Not had this issue what game version do you have installed as it needs updating to 5.2.6
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