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  1. Ok did the tutorial installed crack over hacked and crashing. Not working for me. Going to go back install the hacked version and maybe i need to play more to complete tutorial.???? Is this working for anyone, please let us know when the tutorial is over. Thanks. Hack not wolf at all. Played till level 9 crashes
  2. Not working OK sorry got confused. Install hacked version first, complete total tutorial then overwrite with cracked version (in link), enjoy. Sorry, your instructions were not so clear to me. THanks works!
  3. Hi, I won a giveaway and it was a fraud. Given a non premium Netflix account that never worked due to needing new a credit card. 

  4. Been over 3 days and no reply. Where the Netflix premium? Yo man keep it. Gave me an account that needs a credit card payment. Nothing premium there. Sorry giveaway.
  5. Who is that hot anime girl ya have showing up there? TV show or game??


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Avi07072


      Meet me on Battlefield 4 lets put our cheats to the test???!?


    3. Babyface123


      YOU ARE ON!! after I download battlefield 4 LUL

    4. Avi07072
  6. Wow, will try this thanks for uploading a demo video. Nice! Ah shoot i do not have android hahaha! cya!
  7. Thanks for the gift. I really appreciate it. Have a nice B day Avi07072
  8. Hello, 

    Hi hope your b day is super cool and thanks for the Netflix prize. 

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