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  1. Thank you me more than the compiler to have it in smali?
  2. Could you please give me a little example? I'm really not using it with Android Study ...
  3. Okay, that's what we have to compile java for smali or there is a converter?
  4. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to change the duration of a popup during an android mod. I added an image to my modded apk but I do not know how to make it appear any longer. If anyone has ideas or knows how, Thank you in advance ! PS: (sorry for english I'm french basic)
  5. I have already all versions as Flex but any versions doesn't works
  6. Thanks, i have tested but Flex crash... I precise i'm on iPhone X on iOS 11.3.1
  7. Thanks for your answer, i have already try with Flex 3 beta 48, the latest version and Flex 2 but nothing change...
  8. Hello, First sorry for my english i'm french. So, when I open Flex 3 and then I go back to my game, to open it a few moments, as soon as I want to do "Add Units" in Flex 3 and then I select my game, I get the error "Processing error" Please help me, Regards, thank you in advance
  9. Thank you for your very quick answer! I already look but being French, I can not understand everything ... 78/5000 And which of these tutorials could help me to hack Subway Surfer for example? Or Dragon Ball Legends ?
  10. Hello everyone, I would like to know how to create an ipa modded, for example to have 999999 pieces in games, or in particular in Dragon Ball Legends have a hack I would like to learn to do it myself. I realize that it would be good to train on a simple game like Subway Surfers in particular. Please help me !
  11. is what I have to put it in the file or Makefile Tweak.xm?
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