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  1. Your job is just amazing I used it entirely, just objective-cfied it! Love you! Can you point me a deeper explanation of your concern? (I'm not aware) *Edit*: Oh, yes. I got it. Yes. The problem of objective-cing things. Makes it able to be hooked and explored. Hum... maybe I need to make it C again..
  2. MemPatcher — a better writeData alternative RELEASE (v1.0) DISCLAIMER Use this and modify it as you wish, if you know what you're doing. But, remember to give the proper credits. INTRO Hello, iOSGoders coders, I was suposed to release this a year ago, but real life has consumed my virtual life. Advantages over writeData.h: 1) no need to get original offsets for disabling hacks anymore. 2) Objective-C (easier for C-dummies) 3) it can be easily expanded for multiple offsets using NSMutableArrays (will post a youtube example if you guys want) CONS: IT IS EXPOSING OFFSETS EASILY don't use it for public hacks, only for personal ones, until I release a C++ version instead of Objective-C USAGE: Move the two files (MemPatcher.h and MemPatcher.m) to your Tweak.xm folder and make sure to add it to be compiled at your Makefile: (your hack name)_FILES = Tweak.xm MemPatcher.m And then you go to your Tweak.xm and add theses lines: #import "MemPatcher.h" Then you instantiate your hack: MemPatcher *hack = [MemPatcher patch:0xMEMORYOFFSET data:0xNEWVALUE]; Simple example for two hacks: MemPatcher *hackA, *hackB; hackA = [MemPatcher patch:0xAFD01C data:0x70477047]; hackB = [MemPatcher patch:0xCD90F2 data:0x01207047]; Then enabling: [hackA apply]; [hackB apply]; Or disabling: [hackA reset]; [hackB reset]; Also, I have exposed a method for ASLR offset calculation just in case you need to MSHookFunction any offset directly. See the example: MSHookFunction( (void*) ([MemPatcher calculate:0x1CECA0]), (void*) new_method, (void**) &old_method); Don't use 'calculate' inside [MemPatcher patch:...], because it does this math by default. CHANGE LOG: v1.0 released MemPatcher work for x64 and x32 bits hacks TODO: — You tell me! CREDITS: — Razzile, HackJack, DiDA (our master) and me
  3. Thanks for pointing this things out. I was having busy times in personal life. (And I'm still)... I already have a fixed version of APMenu on the issues you have addressed! Hopefully an update can came very soon
  4. Sorry guys! Being pretty busy these last months. I will be right back on business in the next week. Right now, I will update the mod menu template with 64 bits working!
  5. Hey how do I register the MC5 mod menu? I haven't registered yet

  6. Where can Iearn the 64 bits instructions for ARM?
  7. My Minimal NIC Template is increasingly powerful and optimized. Check out the update of the first complete and perfectly stable version: 1.0 - READ CHANGE LOG!



  8. Hey how I can get mod menu for MC5 v 2.5.0?

  9. Not true. It does support. I just didn't documented, yet. im going to eat, after that I'll explain how to do this. Very easy
  10. No. The current modmenu version adjusts the offset automatically with or without ASLR. Don't worry
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