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  1. NewTerm2, Termius and SSH from my MacBook Some stuff should be fixed now.
  2. isn't really needed but I can make a .deb file yeah
  3. yeah working on it now. School has been taking a lot of time
  4. Got it back, yay. Just moved because of school though. I need to setup my PC and stuff then I'll fix some things
  5. Same, authorized repairs needs to order the parts because they aren't allowed to stock most of it iirc, it's just caps-lock that's unresponsive. Apple pls fix faster
  6. yeah NewTerm2 is pretty weird, it just goes black sometimes lol. I also got Killed: 9 when just replacing the debugger instead of removing it and then putting the debugger there. I have no idea why though so try "rm /debugger" first
  7. yea hmm haven't seen that. Does it always happen?
  8. Probably the entitlements but the app should be signed. Uploaded the debugger from an exfat formatted drive which doesn't support permissons. That may've f***ed up the file but I doubt it. Edit: downloaded it now and tried, worked fine. install wget from Cydia. "su" password "cd /" "wget http://download1351.mediafire.com/r8i48y9gb6vg/p2d84v1f8m20eqk/debugger" "chmod 777 /debugger" "/debugger" Worked fine for me
  9. Download it directly to your phone and put it where you want using Filza or download it to your computer and transfer it using SFTP (WinSCP for Windows and Cyberduck/built-in sftp for Mac) you don't need source.cpp unless you want to edit the app and compile it yourself
  10. Feel you, I've had one single thing on my coding to-do list forever and I haven't even started. That's making a phone application that communicates with my CS:GO cheat so it for example vibrates when standing close to an enemy, external radar & settings controlled by phone. Maybe I should make a tweak and make it as a lockscreen widget? hmm
  11. GamePlayer isn't updated for iOS 11 and everyone has issues with GameGem from what I've seen. Right now I think it's worse because it has a few bugs which I can't fix because I don't have my Mac here. However, this tool is much faster when getting data in my experience.
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