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  1. Oh okay. It's the same as iOS 8 ? I didn't know if something newer had come out! Thank you
  2. Hello, I am looking to reverse Snapchat. Is there a way to decrypt iOS apps from the app store and get the libraries the appsl uses on iOS 10.3 I don't mean dumping the headers! Something that I can load up in hooper/Ida Thank you
  3. I hate bumping old posts but I need the download link
  4. Everyone's links don't work. Hopefully these do!
  5. it's not my IP, its my websites IP. He can try to hit it... I have DDOS protection, if @Nukeboss would read the faq he would know that he gets signed out of his account.
  6. Finally it's been weeks and I think we are ready to launch! Using the trial code below will give you a free 200 snapchat score :-)! We welcome all feedback and every comment is appreciated, if you have any problems please let me know via the contact method on the site. Site: niro.pw Trial Code: [hide]Free200[/hide] Video Proof: Thank you!
  7. nah thats not what i mean. there are some functions in this app that generate a signature and i want to reverse it. so i can create the correct signatures without needing the application. thanks for the reply though
  8. Hello, I would like to reverse beginner some functions in an iOS application and then rewrite them in python. Would this be possible or should I attempt to reverse an android application (which I have %0 knowledge with) to sum it all up. An app that I am trying to exploit generates a key / token and I need to figure out a way on how to generate that myself programmatically. Any advice is appreciated! thank you
  9. niro

    Hulu Plus Tweak.xm

    Ahh sheet we leeching all your sh!t m7
  10. niro

    Build Source Code

    Im commenting for the source code C++ be like
  11. Keep saved data as tweak preferences and cydia sources? If that's the case then yes. Just delete yalu and resign it using a pc then re-jailbreak nothing will be erased or deleted
  12. Hi I'm niro, I've been here since the beginning of 10th grade and today is my last day of highschool. I still see some similar usernames from ages ago. Havent been active for a very long time. so hi
  13. Sorry, to clarify I thought Regal was only in the USA. If there is one in your country it should work
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