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Justin Time

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  1. can you please update this game to ver 1.1.3 it won’t let you play it until it is updated...also can you set the gems back to spend some get some thx
  2. can you please update this game to ver 3.7.0 and add infinite stars and infinite coins to the list of cheats thx
  3. can you please update this game to ver 7.22...it keeps having a game update notice pop up...thx
  4. @K_K could you PLEASE update Vineyard Valley to ver 1.19.4 and add infinite stars, infinite coins, infinite boosts, infinite moves and infinite lives...I know you said the game isn’t popular but I enjoy playing it and would like to continue to do so...if you’re done with it and don’t plan on doing the upkeep on the game can you turn the code over to someone who will?  Thx for listening.

    1. Theflex52


      I got u fam

  5. I hope you’re right...the more players realize they can ask for more cheats instead of just saying thanks the more likely it is to get done.
  6. I am vip+ and still no stars or coins...laxus likes to leave some cheats off his hacks he says it “makes the game more fun”...personally I disagree, I think the authors should put in as many cheats as possible and let the players have different options on how to play the game and what makes it fun for them...myself I like following the stories and don’t like the having to constantly do the puzzles.
  7. can you please update this game to ver 1.70.0 and add infinite stars and infinite coins to the game... thx
  8. can you please update this game to ver 1.19.4 and include infinite stars and infinite moves to the list of cheats... thx
  9. infinite moves infinite boosters infinite lives it used to have infinite stars and infinite coins at one time...the same goes for Gardenscapes... it used to have infinite coins and infinite stars as well
  10. it says there are 5 cheats for this game but it only has 3 what happened to the other 2?...can you put them back please
  11. it says this game has five cheats but there are only three...what happened to the other two?...can you put them back
  12. Thx for updating the game...since the update the cheat for infinite gems isn’t working
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