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  1. Kilmnar's post in Critical Ops skins hack? was marked as the answer   
  2. Kilmnar's post in .deb files not completely downloading on Fileza was marked as the answer   
    Turns out he was downloading an outdated tweak/deb hack for an app from Cydia.
    nothing really to explain...
  3. Kilmnar's post in Missing Filza after install it in Cydia was marked as the answer   
    Uninstall whatever version you currently have & make sure you have one from the official repo Tigi Software or from BigBoss Repo.
    Next you’ll want to do what @DADi suggested by reinstalling UI-Kit.
    if the problem persists there could be a few reasons as to while but mainly it would more than likely be a themer you have loaded such as ithemer or summer board that has something activated messing with your springboard.
    good luck & click the links
  4. Kilmnar's post in Theos installation Errors was marked as the answer   
    Close this...I fixed it...I guess for other people to see  the issue was I was running unc0ver 4.2.1 while trying to update to the latest theos.
    after updating to 4.3.1 I used theosinstaller 2 from jake’s repo and then ran
    apt-get install -y --force-yes org.theos.dependencies then I had a vendor template error when running $THEOS/bin/nic.pl 
  5. Kilmnar's post in How to hack Darkness Rises was marked as the answer   
    ^^hack requests are meant to be made there. 
    this thread is for support
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