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Everything posted by Rook

  1. See if you can find out which Tweak was causing this exactly, in case another user experiences the same thing, we’d have an answer. You can mention your tweaks here too!
  2. Uninstall Substitute or Cydia Substrate and it should remove most/all Tweaks. I just updated my iPhone X to 13.5 and tested Subway Surfers deb on both CheckRa1n and Unc0ver and the game is working fine for me. So are the features. So please try removing some tweaks as it may be a conflict with something you have installed.
  3. They've changed a lot on that app, updating is hard.
  4. I’m unsure what you have installed. But you can try disabling most with iCleaner.
  5. Hello, You can message me and tell me about the issue in PM. State your old email and UDID for verification too.
  6. Hello, We’re looking into fixing this issue, for now a reinstall will fix your issue.
  7. Hello, This sounds like a caching issue. Please try clearing your Safari browser and cache.
  8. Could you try disabling most of your Tweaks and then trying the mod menu hack? It seems like there’s a conflict that may be happening, this the freezing. Which other apps does this happen to you on?
  9. Hello, Yes, it is currently revoked but people can still install apps via iOSGods App+, Apple developer accounts, Cydia Impactor, AltStore, or Mac.
  10. Hello, Please read our "iOSGods App+ Frequently Asked Questions & Answers" topic here: https://iosgods.com/topic/100620-iosgods-app-frequently-asked-questions-answers/
  11. It’s used to help with reverse engineering iOS & Android apps.
  12. I don’t think you understand how this works. This is not a decimal to hexadecimal or vice versa converter.
  13. Happy Eid! iOSGods will be offering a 30% discount to new ViP purchases! Use coupon code EID2020 during checkout to apply the discount! The coupon code will be valid from 24th of May to 27th of May 2020, so 3 days! Eid Mubarak Thank you all for your support!
  14. You need a decimal to hexadecimal converter. Then you can use ARM Converter example: MOV X0, #255 or MOV X0, #FF
  15. Hello, Apologies for my late reply. If your card was declined, please try purchasing again from a different device and network. You can try purchasing from your iOS Device & use Mobile Data. If the issue still persists, make sure your card has enough funds. The ViP prices are in USD. Some transactions can also be blocked by your bank, so you might have to call them to allow the transaction. Kind regards, Rook
  16. Hello, You can message me if you'd like to pay by card.
  17. Hello, Please send me a PM with the issue so I can look into this for you and correct it.
  18. Stability improvements have been made to ARMConverter.com! Conversions should be even more reliable now!

  19. Hey, I think a reinstall could help with this. Perhaps it’s failed downloads that are causing the abnormal app size.
  20. Some stability improvements have been made to the website! Conversions are more reliable now! And also we’ve been adding a bunch of new features and improvements!
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