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Everything to do with Summoners Wars. Discuss strategies, monsters, runes, even hacks.

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  2. @Archangel04 Is that still works?? Plz help me .. How can i use that ?? I have the Python, proxy tool and copied all of that codes. But I can't know how to use... So..If you can use that codes, would you like to help me?? And I'm always thanking for your efforts. MOD is useful for me. Thx.
  3. No no, I mean, they use a farm trick and they don't hack. Besides, they are on Asia server
  4. @Archangel04Oh cool.we are like 11 ppl(with alts) mostly freshers..we get around 1200 with siege.. Can you pm the guild name ? May be we can merge if they arnt full.
  5. Lol I finally got banned after a few years and after all the risks I've done, I think what got me banned was using multiplier in r3. Well time to start over lol
  6. I’m planning on using the mod to keep trying to get a nat 5 l/d from faimon. That is, as soon as Dida gets back to me about letting me use PayPal. I’ll let you know if I get banned.
  7. Tbh I'm confused on how they ban people. Not gonna lie, I've been doing stupid stuff with my account and I'm surprised I haven't been banned. Giants and dragons b10, I have completed at like 10 seconds since a couple updates ago, first turn or whatever disabled monsters allowing me to complete each level of b10 instantly. I farmed homunculus too and I'll get like 4-6 mil points, still not banned. I complete ToAN, but not hard since I don't want to seem sketchy to my guild members lol. I'm level 50 and have had the account for a couple of years so maybe that's why? I'm interested of why I haven't been banned yet tbh
  8. How many points do you get every week? A guild I know gets 1500+ GP without siege
  9. To all of you looking for guilds. We have a group of modders, we make a guild and farm siege every week for max points. We rotate guilds so that there wont be a high risk of getting banned. If you are in GLOBAL server and want to join us. 'PM' me your in game id. DO NOT post your game ids in the comments!!!
  10. Please read this before downloading the hack. It contains important information on how to use the hack. First of all, Any bans or otherwise loss, whether monetary or otherwise ARE NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY. You claim full responsibility for using this hack. Read the on screen instructions to use the hack. You need to login to your iOSGods ViP account in order to use this hack. Moving on, this hack is a mod menu, and to use it, login to your iosgods account in the popup, wait a few seconds, and then tap with three fingers to open the mod menu. When you open it, you will see several options and sliders/text inputs. They are described below: Damage Multiplier: Enabling this option will multiply the damage output by your monsters by whatever value you choose in the text input "Multiply Damage by:" Godmode: As the name suggests, enabling this will mean that only your monsters can do damage. Monster Count Unlink: This is the most important tool of the mod menu. You need this to unlink Damage Multiplier or Godmode, otherwise, your monsters too can be damaged. In order to set this, all you need to do is set the slider to the number of monsters you are taking to the fight. To the people who have used the older hack, you NO LONGER NEED to open Control Center/Notification Center. Damage Multiply by: This sets the amount at which the unlinked monsters have their damage multiplied by. You can choose any value from 0-127 safely, beyond which, it will start showing damage in the billions. It is suggested to stick to 0-127. Moreover, for the safety of your account, it is suggested to keep this multiplier low. Max Accuracy: This ensures that your monsters will ALMOST never miss. However, the minimum 15% resistance still applies, so you might see it missing. Glancing shots are also more likely to miss. No Skill Cooldown: Use your skills again instantly, while they are available when you enabled the option in the mod menu. If they are already on cooldown, wait till they are out of cooldown, and then you can use them without any issues. First Turn: To be only used on Manual Mode. If you use auto, disable this first to avoid glitches. This sets it so that the first monster of your team (aka the leader), always gets a turn. Think of it like an infinite vio proc. Build buildings without required level: Even level 1 can build all 10 arena rays of death (who even builds them now?) AntiBan: Reduces the chance of detection of this hack. Does not help if you clear ToA at level 15, or if you don't follow the safety rules given below. Safe/Danger Zones : Scenario : Mostly Safe Cairos Dungeons : All dungeons (except Secret Dungeon, Hall of Heroes) Safe UPTO B6. Above B7, do not use high multiplier. Make your runs be believable. Dangerous if you arent level 50. Even with lvl 50, try keeping over 1-2 minute run times and use low multipliers. Arena/Guild War: Unsafe. If you are level 50, anything in Guild War is fine as long as you can explain to your guildmates. Arena above Conquerors is watched. Suggested not to use. If less than level 50, do not attack level 50s with strong defences. Real Time Arena/World Arena : DO NOT USE. It will cause error. Rift Raid : Average. Suggested not to use mod here. Elemental Raids : Moderately Safe. I dont know about recent updates. Being cautious is suggested. Trial of Ascension Normal: If level 50, Safe as long as you do not clear too fast (keep times realistic, use low multipliers). If less than level 50, do not attempt too high Trial of Ascension Hard: Dangerous. Suggested to only do 10-20 more levels than what you can do in your own. Do every level SLOWLY. At 1x speed, only use Godmode and very low (x1-3) multipliers Secret Dungeons : Safe Hall of Heroes : Unsafe above B6. Might get you banned. Use on x1 speed. Take like 10-20 minutes a level. Do not attempt too high at low levels World Boss: Please note that the hack does not work on World Boss, as there is no actual fight which happens. These are not meant to be a guarantee of staying unbanned. Just using the hack can cause your account to be banned. Note: The hack works on all x32 and x64 devices running AT LEAST iOS 8 or iOS 10.2.1. This hack does NOT work on iOS 11, and currently there is no plan to make it so. Additional Note: If you feel that this hack (and especially the recent improvements) are awesome, feel free to click that donate button because I get next to nothing for giving you guys this hack and all other updates
  11. Literally press the home button or open the control centre and go back to the game. That's it.
  12. Help me this step "Press home button (or otherwise move the game to the background like notification center or control center) then go back to the game"
  13. How to apply Dame value and monster count for what ?
  14. No, it's only ViP as of now.
  15. Is there a way to get the free version of my phone isn’t jailbroken (iOS 11.2.5)
  16. Yes. If there is a free version then it's for all
  17. Are the hacks only available for those who have vip
  18. Nope, unless you reset your account. it doesn't really matter afaik

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