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Everything to do with Summoners Wars. Discuss strategies, monsters, runes, even hacks.
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  2. Hello there could anyone tell me If the Hack is working for 6.2.8 at the moment? tyvm
  3. YUP! you can absolutely still get banned, its happened to me a few times, but once you get used to what triggers a ban, you'll be fine. as long as you dont beat gb12 with a team that wouldnt otherwise beat it in a fast time. But if you do have the right mons and rune quality is the issue then using the mod at x2-5 should be enough. i was using it to get all my runs to sub 1min. just dont forget to turn it off or decrease the multiplier! Thats what gets most ppl banned. They go from farming scenerio with x4 lvl 1s and using a x50 multiplier, then they go into gb12 and forget to decrease, next thing you know you have a sub 10 sec gb12 run and everyone can see you on the leaderboard lol. The last way i got banned was in siege, i was using 1 mon against every team and eventually one of the guilds noticed and reported me. obviously i shouldnt be able to beat c1+ siege teams with 1 mon. Although, if you're g2/g3 i doubt you need the cheat for anything, your account wouldnt even be able to use x2 without being suspicious.
  4. Auto update not working. The game told me to close all unauthorized apps please update
  5. I wanted to know if its safe i have good g2/c3 account with good runes and units but i wanted to know if i can still get banned if i use the mod i just want to use it for faster runs on gb12
  6. you have to have the damage low like on 5 with runes on all mons
  7. Odds of being banned while using this in dimension hole?
  8. I’m on iOS 13.3.1 with an iPhone XR. It’s jail broken threw uncover. I downloaded the hack with Filza and installed it then respringed my device, after that I boot up summoners war but no menu for the hack. So my question is what is my next step? I’ve read all the steps and completed them, I just don’t know what to do next. Thank you for your time.
  9. Anyone has a modded guild in Asia server or willing to join if I create one?
  10. As of writing, the hack does seem to work for all devices with 64-bit which are on iOS 10 and above (not sure about 8 and 9). However, if any issues occur wrt A12 and newer devices, I cannot guarantee il be able to fix them. Hence, if you have such a device, I'd advise against getting ViP for this hack alone. Also, any content released which is not mentioned should be considered at the same risk as TOA Hard
  11. Does this still work? Could you please update to 5.3.3?
  12. Does anyone have a guild full of only modders?
  13. Is it updated for a12-13 yet. JW, if not that is fine 🙂
  14. Note: AS OF WRITING, the hacks work on every arm64 device on iOS 8 and up. It does NOT work on iPhone XR, XS, XS Max or newer devices. Similarly, it doesn't work on the newest iPads Disregard the old compatibility list
  15. Is there no longer a non jailbreak version of the hacks you guys have already done? Or I mean is it not longer getting updated? I've been trying to figure it out and haven't found anything about an update, and its been a very long time since it has been updated. Just thought I'd ask. Thank you!
  16. Idk ur anyone else but on the auto updating so hack for jailbreak it won’t let me leave a comment to unlock hidden content
  17. original appgame been updates to V5.0.6, but the hack mode app still at old version for a while, I tried to download the hack app after entry to the game it’s just keep saying need to update game and switch me to the apple store. Admin... will you update the game soon?
  18. Can I get summoners(current updated of course) war if I buy the native app +

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