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  1. all im saying is that, this hack does absolutely nothing. crunchyroll is "free with ads". even if i'm not using the hack, i can still watch the content. i'm doing it right now. delete the hack and you'll see. so your so called steps/fix/workaround is absolutely useless. the whole point of using this is to not get ads. you still getting ads when using the hack, even when skipping ahead on any video, an ad plays.
  2. i removed the hack, installed the latest version of crunchyroll and the app works exactly the same as the way you mentioned it in your previous post to get the hack working. i'm not sure what you think the hack is supposed to do, but i'd advise that you don't act like you know what you're doing, and stop spreading misinformation. edit: a word
  3. same. the app itself works on 4.0.0, but the hacks dont. As soon as you downgrade below 4.0.0 it gives you that error.
  4. Does this even still work? i used appstore++ to download a version before 4.0.0, i even blocked updates, but when i open crunchyroll it just forces me to update. i can get the app to work on 4.0.0, but the hack doesnt work. What am i missing here?
  5. @Ficgan The game freezes up when I use Auto win, am i missing something? edit: freezes as soon as i enable no cooldown too.
  6. YUP! you can absolutely still get banned, its happened to me a few times, but once you get used to what triggers a ban, you'll be fine. as long as you dont beat gb12 with a team that wouldnt otherwise beat it in a fast time. But if you do have the right mons and rune quality is the issue then using the mod at x2-5 should be enough. i was using it to get all my runs to sub 1min. just dont forget to turn it off or decrease the multiplier! Thats what gets most ppl banned. They go from farming scenerio with x4 lvl 1s and using a x50 multiplier, then they go into gb12 and forget to decrease, next thing you know you have a sub 10 sec gb12 run and everyone can see you on the leaderboard lol. The last way i got banned was in siege, i was using 1 mon against every team and eventually one of the guilds noticed and reported me. obviously i shouldnt be able to beat c1+ siege teams with 1 mon. Although, if you're g2/g3 i doubt you need the cheat for anything, your account wouldnt even be able to use x2 without being suspicious.
  7. Thanks so much! ill be using this version for my main non-jailbroken 12 pro max lol. I have a jailbroke ipad pro 11 and XS so when im tired of caring around multiple devices this will be veeeery useful
  8. Thanks @Ficgan for looking into the update, some of us know how hard this stuff is and times is really hard lately. Take your time, you can't rush perfection!
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