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About This Club

A Club For The Clash Of Clans Players

  1. What's new in this club
  2. October Update Sneak Peek #1 - Town Hall 11 Troop & Defense upgrades In this first of 3 sneak peeks for next week’s Clash of Clans update, we’re featuring a couple upgrades to your troops and defenses. Need that extra ‘oomph’ to get that extra star on Town Hall 11’s? Then here are some buffs to your troops to give you some needed muscle for your army. Golems and Valkyries to the rescue! In the coming update, Town Hall 11 players will be able to upgrade their Golems to level 7 and Valkyries to level 6. The level increase includes more HP, DPS, as well as visual changes. The stats, upgrade costs, and relevant information will be shared on our update patch notes coming next week. Beefier Golems and more powerful Valkyries? This is going to straight Ragna-ROCK! We’ll see ourselves out... Bomb Tower and Air Sweeper buffs! Not only will the Golem and Valkyrie get upgraded, so will the Bomb Tower and Air Sweeper. Bomb Towers will now have a level 6 max and the Air Sweeper can be upgraded to level 7 as well. The Air Sweeper will have increased Push Strength and HP while the Bomb Tower will feature higher DPS and greater damage when destroyed, and of course more HP too. Both also feature visual changes to denote the upgrade level. Again, all of the stats and details will be in our update patch notes. Walls! Walls! Walls! Finally, Town Hall 11 players will be able to upgrade 25 more Wall segments to level 12. Here's a quick summary: Golems: Can be upgraded to level 7Valkyries: Can be upgraded to level 6Bomb Tower: Can be upgraded to level 6Air Sweeper: Can be upgraded to level 7 Stay tuned for tomorrow when we share another sneak peek of next week’s update...
  3. Hi I started a clan called vape nation my name is just dean on there brain fart at time lol if only 3 members as new clan looking for a co and chilled players to get war started thanks
  4. @TheArmQueen http://cocland.com/guides/fix-your-rushed-village-with-ash
  5. Just Posted this now this army is so good , I talked about it previously here : https://iosgods.com/topic/54372-video-loot-gaining-army-for-th9/ On Thursday @5PM I posted a topic for asking which troop should i upgrade [ I had 5 million elixir , 1 million gold , and some thousand dark elixir ] and now 3 days later I have the following : [ I Upgrading like 30 walls to level 7 , Upgraded 2 Defenses , And 2 Mines . Had My Gold Storage Full like 7.1 Million and its full ! ] I GOT ARCHER QUEEN FINALLY This Army Works so Good , except the Trophies part @JohnLGS Pro Plis Dont Envy Me boi
  6. I want to know your favorite troop
  7. So you planning to sell the account or what? Anyways looking at most of the seasonal updates we never see the exact same thing repeated over again

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