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Tool [Float Converter] Float Calculator v0.0.1 beta

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Big thanks to @Amuyea @Zimon for helping me to done this App. After few days, float converter tools finally complete!


This is a converter which use for Float Convert. The value is what you saw it during you are using GDB / LLDB.

Function :

- Convert float value from GDB/LLDB >>  Float value.

- Convert 10byte Decimal  >> 16byte Hexdecimal.

- Convert 16byte Hexdecimal >> 16byte Decimal.


UI for the APP:




Page 1:

GDB/lldb when u found a float value ( i found this float from skill cooling time which is float value)

( all the ARM instruction included /  .f32 / .f64  / f )  (armv7 - vxxx.f32, arm64 - fxxx.32 xx)



Enter the value from R1 (1084227584)  to iOSGods Calculator "Float Section" (Page1), after you entered the value, press "Done".

the  value in "Float:" is what exactly we want. So 1084227584 means my skill cooling time is 5.0 seconds.



Page 2: 16byte Hexdecimal to 10byte decimal.



Page 3: 10byte Decimal to 16byte Hexdecimal.




Download link :

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- @xiaov (for coding)

- @Amuyea (for UI design and tester)

- @Zimon (for UI design and image)


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