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Image result for naruto ultimate ninja blazing sasuke


I have only played this game for a few days and was lucky enough to pull Seal of Shadow Sasuke and Senju. I don't really know if my account is good besides having those two. Only giving away this account because the game is not that interesting to me. Plus, the gameplay is boring.



- 226k Ryo

- 6* Hashirama Senju Bravery Unrivalled

- 6* Sasuke Uchiha Seal of Shadow

- 6* Naruto Uzumaki 1st Anniversary

- 5* Tsunade The Will of Blooming Flames

- 5* Minato Namikaze Yellow Flash of the Leaf

- 5* Hiruzen Sarutobi Ninja Clothes

- 5* Sasuke Uchiha Chidori: A New Skill

5* Sasuke Uchiha Lone Survivor

- More 5* Characters...


How to ENTER!

Just comment a number from 0-100 and you'll be entered!



Monday, September 24th




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