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  1. I Can Confirm This Mod Works For : Android Phones Touch Phone %100 , BlueStacks For Pc Computer Has a Mouse %100 , Android Box Tv Any With A BlueTooth Mouse Or Usb Mouse To Open The Menu Only %100 All Playable %100.... Thank You DrogenKinder For The Work And Replying Back ..
  2. If you have a Problem due to an WiFi Data you cant download after you did these steps Then Download This Files and you on the go DownLoad Link: https://mega.nz/#F!lqYFwBIA!Mhh2EVWM7JGqy4GhXAELoQ credits to DrogenKinder for the mods and hard work me for just an upload with files to make it easier your users 1. download origiTrigger 2 from google play 2. go to Androd/obb/ 3. Backup the dead trigger 2 obb folder, not file 4. delete game 5. Install my moded apk 6. Replace the obb folder again to Android/ob 7. now after you did this start the game you be on the screen to download and this is the part where people cant download on data. download the file ( https://mega.nz/#F!lqYFwBIA!Mhh2EVWM7JGqy4GhXAELoQ ) Replace the obb folder again to Android/ob and you will see you will have three odd files start the game and good to go.
  3. of course it just a fix for users that have a problem with your mod that need wifi to download easy fix.. im upload to mega.
  4. i agree where can i talk about adding to your mod menu.. l love your work .. may i upload these two files to be placed in the files so people that has wifi data problem like i had and i fix that cool.
  5. true can add like : Gode,no clip moveable,ufo mode same a no clip,sprintfast,disable upgrade time,change bullet type, and if anthing comes in ill let you you but for those people that cant like me wifi data problem i found out and you have to add these two files in and works with out downloading through the app..
  6. who mod menu is this one and i found how to use it.. get a mouse bluetooth or usb for nvidia shield tv no touch screen or any tv andriod box.. and god mode isnt working
  7. Can you do me a favor can you add a hot key like press left D-Pad drop menu up D-pad goes up a menu and Down D-pad to go down the menu Right D-pad to close menu A button to toggle hack on/off.. i got it to work on nvidia shield tv no touch screen.. thank you for reading my post and i hope you can do this i would highly appreciate it and great work PS. Let me know if you like me to upload that files for people that cant download ...
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