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  1. Hi There,

    are you still giving out the eros premium accounts ??

  2. can you please pm me or fix instalikes link ?

    1. Amuyea


      He's banned.

    2. joeajjan


      do u have the link or somethings?

    3. charles4567
  3. Jubeat 3.9.1 link is deleted.


    Can you fix it?

  4. hi dude 

    how can i hack soccer stars??

    ios 10.3.2 5s

    please help me


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Bossx2


      Well that is what you get when you break rules

    3. MrMortezaR


      can some one help me and hack it!?

    4. JarkoSUKS


      how about make a hack request

  5. Hi, can't download the hack, it says "page not found!"

    1. Amuyea


      He is banned

  6. hi!

    is instalike app available now?)) Thanks

    1. Joka


      It's been removed.

    2. ernesto2002
  7. Can u please update the  tuneid radio hack please the link its broken   Thank u bro

  8. Yo bro.. Can you please make for an account for eros now ? I'll leave my details here.. email: [email protected] password: yokzboy1996 THANKS Broo...

  9. Change the push to Mov r0,r7 381C,0700A0E1-Hex value And add to BX LR-7047- Hex value
  10. hi, how r u ? if possible can you please make account for eros now ? email: [email protected] . thx boss.

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