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  1. Fulfilment, but, in order to have it requires a purpose and you are asking what is it. You find it. Your purpose, it all boils down to; are you going to do it for yourself or for others? The answer is only for you to decide. We consider those who doesn't have a purpose to be loss. They will either push through in finding it or give up, sometimes, in an extreme manner. And when they find it is the question of; how will you fulfill it? At this point, life has become akin to a series of quest asking you if you would like to proceed or just stop. The purpose is to find fulfilment through fulfilling a purpose.
  2. Methamphetamine? Edit: Two other answers I came up with is Light and Idea
  3. am I the only one crashing when opening the hack? I was able to play with hack twice then it happen.
  4. I don't have Mac. For the past 2 months it is working perfectly fine, it just happen now. Tried everything there, same error. Edit: I don't know why but suddenly it worked. I'm thinking cydia impactor went down? Thanks for reaching out, everyone, for trying to help.
  5. It is the first unc0ver I used and since it is working just right, I still kept using it. On another note I tried to install b51, still same error.
  6. Hello! This is the first time it happened to me. First off, my iPad suddenly restarted itself (either overload of apps or Unc0ver needing to be reinstalled) I used Cydia Impactor as usual and then I got this error: Device: iPad Air 2 iOS: 12 Impactor: 0.9.51 Unc0ver: Undecimus-v3.0.0-b34
  7. @Laxus turning on always miss and getting attacked crashes the game. custom movement speed removed?
  8. Sorry I failed to specify. I was using the non-jailbroken app which is unable to login to gamecenter. Is it possible to transfer the data/save (like in android the obb file) to the appstore version?
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