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  1. Hey, thank you for your reply. I have checked the bundle ID and it is correct, do unity games require any addtional thing to add in the tweak.x file? %hook Episode //class name that i got from the dummy dll files -(bool)HasBoughtPremiumDecision { //method name return true; } %end This is what my tweak.x looks like for a unity game, other apps and games that i tried that are not built using unity work fine because i used flex for that to get the target class and method. I can make the deb just fine, no errors, install it. Just when i run the game it looks like its just the original. Do you have any tutorials on how to add a popup ?
  2. Hello Everyone So i followed this tutorial on creating deb files for games - I was able to make deb files for different apps and games, however when it comes to unity games i am applying the same method to mod them by adding the correct class name and method in the tweak.x file but the hack won't work when i launch the game, is there some different method for unity games, or am i missing something. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your answer, i am still learning to create hacks with deb files, for now IPA is the way for me to go. Installing with filza works fine i will just stick to it. I tried different alternatives to ifunbox, all crash.
  4. Hello Everyone Whenever i try to install an IPA using ifunbox it crashes on start but when i install using filza using my iphone it works fine. I am using the latest ifunbox version 4.2 i have appsync installed from cydia, and i am running ios 14.3 not sure what is the problem here. Can anyone please help.
  5. there is a new update, if possible please update . thanks alot
  6. ok i installed the game from playstore, renamed the obb file and uninstall the original apk and installed the mod and it worked thankss
  7. I am getting you may have not purchased this app error on startup, i tried using obb fiel from apkpure but still, the error is there.
  8. Mod doesn't work, it just has either white blank screen or black on startup. Tested on 3 different devices. EDIT: Did not notice the OBB file, I will try with it
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