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  1. Name of the game you want hacked: Ten Sura or 転生したらスライムだった件 ~魔国連邦創世記~ Version of the game: 1.0.2 Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ten_sura_game Rooted or Unrooted: Rooted preferably Game's Official Website: https://ten-sura-game.com/ Requested Features: infinite stamina infinite silver coins infinite premium currency level hack possibly free in app purchases? the game is also in japanese, so maybe a mod to make it fully english?
  2. Lets hope this allows what i want if it does
  3. nevermind, just had to send a reply, liking it didnt work but replying did. however the freedom download site apps64 is down for good it seems, if not correct me
  4. been loving this hack so much fun to mess around with this game, kinda curious if its safe to use untill a new patch comes out for 1.11 but great work modders!
  5. localiapp doesnt work, and game gem doesnt work for me either EDIT, your adfly link has also been deleted
  6. hey, so i have a jailbroken iphone 6 running ios 9.3.3 and im trying to load a website called "gawkbox" its a site where you complete offers to donate cents to streamers on twitch mixer or youtube i believe, i cant load this website on my i device but i can load it on a device on ios11. so im assuming its something to do with either the website picking up that im jailbroken and not loading? or the website isnt loading because im on ios 9.3.3 either option is quite frustrating for me, but in saying that does anyone know of a way to trick the website into thinking im on ios10 or 11? or that im not jailbroken, similiar to pokemongo hacks that say the idevice isnt jailbroken? or if someone else tries this on an ios9.3.3 device and it works? input and feedback would be lovely please
  7. so ive installed this menu, its fully installed and ive signed into my account on the app, but i cant find the "idevice" settings, is that a special thing? because its not in my default ios settings if someone could reply it'd be great nvm i didnt read the have to tap with 3/4/5 fingers so thats why it wasnt working,
  8. Game Gem doest work, i change the values and it changes it ingame, but then when i buy something its meant to stay at say 100k coins, it sets to 100k coins and then quickly disapears and goes to my original coin amount i also tested GamePlayer from the IOSGods tutorial link and it sets it 10 100k then it quickly resets, i can send images if anyone is interested, if not can anyone hack it? or is it fixed?
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