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  1. Totally agree with aaa1999. I would even recommend not using the hack early game. There are f2p players who are able to consistently do gb10 within 3 days of playing and gb12 within a week. Just search up beginner guides on YT. The PVE content in this game is honestly very easy and you should not use the hack early game other than leveling monsters in scenario.
  2. Rift raid is safe as long as you have other accounts or players using the same settings. Ran r5 with god mode for more than 3 months before switching to bjr5. Arena is safe in fighter league or below from my experience, have not tested in conqueror league due to conqueror and above possibility being monitored by game admins.
  3. You can refer to the guide Archangel posted about what areas of the game is safe to hack. In general it’s a good idea to not use anything higher than 2x damage in areas other than scenario and keep your clear time reasonable for your rune quality.
  4. It’s not updated, Archangel is already working on it. Speedboost is currently working so you can use that.
  5. Speed boost from 5.3.1 version of the hack is still working. You can get through most content with it.
  6. With new update the tweak is getting detected and returning error code 5. Uninstalling tweak fixes the issue for me.
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