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  1. Delete..delete..delete!

  2. WOW! Lucky o WOW! I am luckier than you bro. I summoned twice.. ..pulled PHEE.. ..TWICE. DAMN?!?!?!! LUCKIEST DAY EVER!
  3. [Request] Tetris Blitz (Latest Ver.) App you want hacked: Tetris Blitz Version of the app: Latest Version Requested features: Unlimited Coins, All Power-Ups, Etc. Jailbroken Thank you!
  4. I'm getting bored now waaaaah!!! I hope someone updates the hacks soon. Hmmm nice!!!! Gotta try this one out too! Hehe.
  5. another forced update for GL. another waiting game.. JP server had new units and they look futuristic. if you ask me, i don't like em one bit. oh well. that's just me. when will GL have the 2nd batch of the Demons of Ishgria?
  6. @@ZahirSher can you update the hack? The game jst updated and it won't continue without uninstalling the hack first. Black screen only. Thanks in advance!
  7. I think it depends on how much you have used a hack/mod. I only play for fun so i still use hacks in Arena and FH in my main account. Still not banned. But for my alt accounts, more so my JP squad, I abused the hack so much that even at just the 2nd map I was already at Lvl100 and my units were already maxed out using Frogs/Imps. Boom. Next server maintenance I was banned. LOL.
  8. your username says it all: iQuit hehe kidding mate. well as long as you can convince Gumi that all the maxed out units you have in your squad and inventory suddenly just appeared and you had nothing to do with it, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, they will lift your ban. I tried that with my JP squad to no avail. Gumi said they had ways on knowing if a player had used a third party app to assist the gameplay.
  9. hmm nice! thanks for sharing!
  10. Just downloaded the game and will try this out. Thanks as always, @@ZahirSher
  11. not yet mate. i am sure someone here is already working on it. why can't i pull Claire and Colt again for my main account?!?!?!?!?!? RNGesus hate me pfft.
  12. WTF my gems suddenly dropped to 0!? hahahaha! It was working but then when I upgraded Mantis my gems dropped to 0!
  13. Hmm okay, GL just got updated again. Will now wait for an updated iOS hack from iOSgods DiDA said someone will update it while Javi is still away.
  14. Damn it. Accidentally logged in to uPlay. It said my save game was tampered and so they restarted it hahahaha! Anyhow, how would you upgrade the bike that said it needed to be connected to the internet? Would that be uPlay?
  15. Gotta try this one out hehe. Thanks!
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