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  1. @DiDA please close the topic. Everyone else: look at the main topic. It was pleasure doing the service exclusively to iOSGod's members.
  2. Community is driven, i'm already written!

    1. Pradeep6868


      Jesus has left the game....

  3. MITM Proxy, man in the middle attack, but there is another method using .net reflector.
  4. Closed - Due to personal problems! A website will pop up soon making it 10x easier for the service. Thank you to everyone who requested. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Please read all of the topic Hello members of iOSGods, I present to you Injection Services for the two listed games above.This service is for all devices, (iOS, Android, Android Emulators, e.g. Nox APP Player). This Service will allow you to get currencies on these games so you can enjoy them as much as I do. This is completely free. What do I mean by, "Injection Services"? I mean their will be no installing modded ipa's, no modded apks, you don't have to be jailbroken, no need for root. This is for all versions of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, you can use the normal original games from the playstore and from the app store. All this requires is for you to have these games connected to a Facebook Account and for you to get an ID called a *UserID* this is used so I can have the currency injected into your game and on the correct account. More information will be below in the, "How to get your "UserID" section. I have provided in-game screenshots below showing proof of the currencies added to each game. What do you get? How to get your UserID? How to request? You cannot right now. Proof (In-Game Screenshots) Thank you for reading and I hope to receive many requests and you all coming back for refills. Please note: There is no ban for this, safe amounts of currencies only get applied to your account to insure that you are never banned or your account doesn't get flagged. I've been adding currencies to Family Guy and Harry Potter since they came out and not one user has reported a ban or flag and even myself hasn't been banned or flagged.
  5. Woooooooooo weee, probably won't support my network but let me see
  6. I use IDA 6.6 right now, do you think 7.0 is better?
  7. I've been using this for awhile now, it's awesome to keep playing the games you love.
  8. Hey guys and girls, Just to let you all know I've raised the limit of Career Chips from 500 to 1250 this is due to the fact that level 30 is available on levelling up your characters I didn't know this till someone let me know on my Inbox, request again for chips if you have non left and if you would like 1250 instead of the normal 500 amount you have. Thank you. Kind Regards
  9. Service is now back online! Follow the main topic post and PM me as normal. Kind Regards
  10. Hey guys and girls the service will be closed for now TinyCO have broken my tool again with a few request changes that they have changed on there server save data and files. This may take 24 hours to 48 hours to fix but I shall let you all know when it's back online and all working again. I post another post below this post when all is okay to start messaging me again. Sorry for this.
  11. You're welcome bro! and keep coming for re-fills anytime you hit 0's on anything. My tool will always be up to date constantly even on new updates as I pretty much update the tool ASAP within a day or depending on how much TinyCO has changed the save data and their server which is always not that much lately but either way it's still better then anything else going.
  12. I'll look into re-creating this hack injection, it seems like it can be done quite easily all though I don't how I would request and inject on base64, sha256 hash. but I will see if I can do something with it.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm still giving currencies and career chips as usual, nothing has changed. Just keeping the topic alive for you guys to see it constantly without going to other pages to find this. Kind Regards
  14. Not totally hidden! You can just press on them and they will reveal. Edit: I don't think no one is interested in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, not had one single request yet apart from @Joka I might get this one closed, but not totally sure.
  15. Hey guys, Thank you for your requests so far and wonderful vouches, I love adding currencies for you guys and Career Chips and will continue to do so as long as I can keep my tool up and completely working cause you never know when TinyCO will completely break it. Kind Regards
  16. Hey Everyone, The service for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is has now been terminated completely, I have decided to do this due to everyone's complete dis-interest in the game and no one requesting it from me to modify it for them. I hope the next service I create is, "Marvel Avengers Academy" but in till then here is a Link below to my most popular hack game service and the only service that sparks interest: Kind Regards
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