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  1. Made my device go into safe-mode first time I ran app, but afterwards it appears to have worked perfectly. Good work!
  2. Now that I’m in my junior year of high school, I’ve got no god damn time to do anything. So I’m looking for some recommendations for websites that have AFK auto-ad watching for cash lol. Also, I need recommendations for any extensions to speed up the videos ?
  3. Probably a stupid question, but does getting an apple battery replacement (iPhone 6+, 10.3.3 if it matters) update your phone or remove jailbreak?
  4. I would post this under requests, but I have so many questions about it that it's not worth it. My goal is to make my own private server for Celtic heroes (App download). I've seen this done on games like clash royale and clash of clans, so it gets my hopes up that it's possible. My questions about it are- If a server is made, can I manipulate server sided things like currency and premium currency that normally wouldn't be alterable? What would I be looking at requirement wise to keep this server up and running? Would I be able to use earlier versions of the game on this server? (on the actual game, if you try to use old versions it won't let you sign in) And finally, can anyone find the things needed to make the server for Celtic Heroes? (Insert request for tutorial here haha). Thanks everyone!
  5. Any level requirements? Had to start over yesterday because I lost an account
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