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  1. I hope i'll find did, if yo do so could yo share it?
  2. I did all the steps shown on the tutorial and i still stay at the loading screen when i try using the app, what can i do, do i need to move the cracked file to somewhere else?
  3. Thanks man appreciate it and good luck to everyone, merry christmas and happy new year
  4. Reimstall what? The repo? I already tried that but it didnt worked
  5. I've tried evreything, since installing it from an alternate repo to remove the files you told me to. I installed it from this 2 repos http://aquawu.github.io/igg/ and from the repo http://mohadu31.com/
  6. I instalked it from an up to date repo but when i open igg it stays at loading
  7. I installed an alternate source repo (http://aquawu.github.io/igg/) Image and i followed the steps to fix the initialization error (uses the cracked one) but i didnt fixed it. What can i do? Do i just give up on this one? I really want iGameguardian ti hack my games :,(
  8. I think I deleted all the files but I still cant install iGG
  9. On filza i searched for iGameguardian and found some archives on /var/lib/dpkg/info. I will put a screenshot so you can see exactly what im seeing. Image
  10. I searched it on filza, on ifile the folder names are only numbers and letter randomly (i enabled the option where i can see the application names on folders)
  11. If there is no IGG folder in /var/containers/bundle/application what can i do??
  12. Whenever i try to install iGameguardian I get an error code that says "sub-process /usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error code (1)" and it also says that I'm trying to oberwrit a package fro a repo that its in blank (abo1bs repo). I will leave a link to a screenshot of the error so you can understand me better. I'm on an iPad running ios 9.3.3 Screenshot
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