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  1. ย Hack

    I follow the method and guess what happen? My game reset again because of this hack I follow the instruction and my gem is at 9k and my coins is at 50k so if everybody wants to hack pixel gun 3D don't because they have strong security in the servers so I warn you don't try this method
  2.  Save Game

    Don't do this hack because I get banned for cheating I used this hack and when I played a match I get banned
  3. Request

    There request is god mode and one hit kills mine is unlimited everything
  4. Name of app you want hacked: CATS: crash arena turbo stars Version of the app: 2.0 iTunes URL for the app: https://appsto.re/us/cetcib.i Requested features: Unlimited everything Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: both Thank you!
  5. DIY Hack

    It doesn't work it's patched
  6. Help/Support

    ICleaner pro is for the device not for Cydia
  7. I have a problem that I can't install tweaks in my Cydia,when I check my storage(in Cydia)I have 17% left I research thru google and YouTube and I have no answers I want to free up my Cydia storage to install more tweaks pls help me.
  8. DIY Hack

    It's patched everyone this diy hack is useless
  9. DIY Hack

    Testing it
  10. DIY Hack

  11. DIY Hack

    I can't see the achievements.xml v1 and v2
  12.  Save Game

  13. ย Patcher

    Where is the entitlement
  14. DIY Hack

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