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  1. Yes, this would be great. @Rook, @Zahir, @Laxus can you maybe take a look?
  2. @Zahir @Rook, can you please update this and the non jailbroken ipa hack to version 4.3?
  3. Could you please update this hack to work on the latest version v3.10.1 @Zahir
  4. Hmmmm... 🤔 Did you update your iOS software? That can also change things. Very strange how it just stopped working for you. I’m trying to figure out what else it could be and I’ll get it fixed when I have an answer lol. Anyone else having the same problem?
  5. Are you still jailbroken or changed your jailbreak recently? It’s sticking on the loading screen because your device detects it’s jailbroken. I’ll have a look at the JB detection and see if I can get that sorted! It’s still working on my phone (I’m using Unc0ver jail break and side loading it through altstore). I did crash for me but I re-jail broke my device and it’s working again! You could always try the non-jailbroken version and try side loading it. I’ll check it out! 👍
  6. Nice. The only other thing is the backtracking or “un-SuperSwipe” which you will find on the SuperSwiped profiles. Normally you can only use this feature 3 times but you should be able to do it on every profile you’ve SuperSwiped. Thanks 🙏
  7. No problem What do you mean doesn’t work? Does the app crash? Thanks 🙏 No problem No problem 👍👍👍
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